Not the Best Time to Say Hello!

Okay.  Welcome to WordPress, Mika! 🙂

As of this moment, I’m in the middle of finishing my term paper in my subject, The Philippines under the Japanese Occupation 1943-1945 (I ‘m taking up Master of Arts in History, by the way), that is due tomorrow, and obviously, this isn’t the best time to be blogging AND rambling to the world.  Because aside from that term paper, I still have another paper in my other subject, Pre-colonial Philippines, that is due on Monday — and I still haven’t even started on that one!  Whew.  But for the heck of posting my first entry on the day I signed up on this weblog server (which I’ll be remembering in the years to come or so because I am that corny!), HERE IT IS!

So on that note, I have to leave you readers hanging in there first and I will be back SOON (well, that differs on our own interpretations of the word “soon” :P)  See ya!

The lady is now out. ❤


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