Snap Back to “REALITY!”

The thing is, graduate school started again and even though I have only one subject this term (and it’s even an elective), I can’t help but feel a little down. 😦

Simply because I enrolled in a different department and I have tons of requirements to attend to!  Here’s a rundown of those “requirements” I’m talking about:

-3 autobiographical essays
-1 completed oral history project on an artist
-1 coming to writing essay
-3 discourses on the techniques of creative nonfiction in the selections for study

And yeah, my elective is Creative Nonfiction that is under the department of Literature, and mostly taken by students of Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing.  WISH ME LUCK!

The lady seriously needs to snap back to “reality” BIG TIME!  No more fantasies, please.

P.S: notice the word “artist” in requirement #2?  It literally means a National Artist or some artist who has contributed to Philippine society! HEELLLP!


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