Marked on the Calendar

A Lot Can Happen in Six Months… OR NOT.

After 10 years… I’m back! 😀

Obviously, my so-called “2010 Project” is one you can call as EPIC FAIL so next time, I’ll know better. heehee.  Anyway, WOW!  SIX MONTHS!  I can’t believe we’ve reached the half of 2010 already and in no time, we’ll start singing Jingle Bells and whatnot. 😉  So, in my next posts, don’t be surprised to see “new” things I’ve been interested in because they are products of my life in the past sais meses and hope that you can catch up.

Before I end this, I’ll just give you a preview of what’s new:

Nichkhun.  That’s all I can say for now. ❤


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