Marked on the Calendar


Lately, I’ve been feeling down for all the wrong (and petty) reasons: zero love life, weight gain, jealousy (or envy. tell me the difference.) , career woes, and plain ‘ol issues, issues, issues that I have within myself that result to having my own “attitude” when things don’t go my way.  In short, I’ve been leaning on the negative spectrum (The Secret, anyone?) for quite some time now.  And then it hit me, it’s true what they say about karma: “What goes around, comes around.”

So at this very moment, I decide to change my fate and push myself to ALWAYS be on the positive spectrum and always put a smile on my face.  Be one of my witnesses as I pledge this to myself:

“I, Mikhaela Georgette Chiong, pledge to completely leave the negative spectrum and stay on the positive spectrum as possible as I can.  From this day forward and so on.  So be it.” 😉

Wish me ALL the luck in the world!
Mika, F I G H T I N G!


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