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Only Etude House does.

Having a wide range of cosmetic lines and products that are offered in the market today makes it really hard to pick one.  No, scratch that.  It is easy to pick but the tricky part is where to put your trust — because after all, it is our skin that is on the line here.  And that is where Etude Housecomes in!  The first time I heard of Etude House (which was last December 2009), I just could not wait to get my hands on its products!  However, the nearest one is in SM Megamall, which is not-so-near based on where I am residing.  But you know, we have a Filipino saying, “Kung gusto, may paraan!” so I really scheduled one day to go there with my friends and visit Etude House.  Wonder what I bought?  Take a look below. 🙂

<img class=”size-large wp-image-111 ” title=”My first Etude House products! As you can see on the picture above, my first trip to Etude House was worth it!  (Besides, who can resist the charm of Lee Minho, of Boys Over Flowers fame?)  And what made it all the more awesome was when I finally tried the products and realized that they actually enhanced my features.  In fact, I personally proclaimed it as my favorite cosmetic brand that I even asked my sister and one of my close friends to buy me more products when they went to Korea!  I also decided to make Etude House my go-to store for birthday presents for my girlfriends because that is how I want to spread the word and testify my love for the said brand.

Having said that, I have already gathered a few of my favorite individual products and to know more about them, see below:

Dr. Lash Ampule
My lashes are somewhat my “insecurity” because as much as I want to bat them and use mascara, I just could not do so because they WERE (emphasis on the past tense, please) too short.  Thankfully, I discovered Etude House‘s Dr. Lash Ampule from a blog I have been reading!  Just like what it promises its buyers, the two gel-based wands (one for the morning and the evening) will help your eyelashes grow a few centimeters. From the first few weeks of trying them, I could already see results.  And the good part about it?  The “morning” wand doubles as some sort of my mascara for the day!  How can you not love a product that can make you hit two birds with one stone? ㅋㅋㅋ

Etude House’s Dr. Lash Ampule

Kissful Lip Care (Kissable Lip Moisture Care)
For this one, I have to say kamsahamnida to my friend because it was her “pasalubong” to me from her recent trip to the “land of kimchi.” 😉 And I think it is pretty self-explanatory based on its name.  In fact, I have to say that it is comparable to one of the leading lip balm brands because Etude House‘s Kissful Lip Care does make my lips SHINY and SOFT at the same time whenever I use it!  Tip: it is a good product to use to remove that “dry” feeling on the lips after hitting the gym and sweating it all out in the sauna!

Etude House’s Kissful Lip Care

Baby Skin Veiling Pact
One of the things that caught my attention when I saw this product was the statement that was printed on its box (if my memory serves me well): “This product will make you beautiful” or something like that. 😀  Plus, I love the fact that its shade complements my skin color so it practically conceals my blemishes and makes my face appear to be flawless.  Oh, and did I mention that its overall packaging can make anyone mistake that its owner is a PRINCESS? Enough said.

Etude House’s Baby Skin Veiling Pact

Happy Tea Time Cleansing Foam (Milk Tea)
Of course, I saved the best for last! 🙂  I first got this product from my sister when she also went to Seoul, Korea and from the moment I received it, I just cannot get enough it!  Etude House‘s Happy Tea Time Cleansing Foam in Milk Tea is what I use EVERY DAY AND NIGHT to wash my face off of dirt and impurities.  Aside from that, I love its Milk Tea smell that instantly calms me and makes me think of “sugar, spice, and everything nice” every time I massage my face with it!  By far, this has got to be my MOST FAVORITE Etude House product.

Etude House’s Happy Tea Time Cleansing Foam in Milk Tea

So are you still wondering “what” touches my skin?  Well, the title of this entry says it all. 😉

Etude House, fighting!!! ❤


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