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One Fruitful Day :)

“sigh of relief” insert here. 😉

Before expecting anything interesting about this entry, I’m telling you, DON’T EXPECT!  haha!  For one, I have my own interpretation of the word “fruitful” on the title.  Next, given that I was granted a leave from work on this very day, January 6, 2011, I think I made the most out of it by taking a trip down memory lane!  Nevertheless, I think it still deserves ONE. WHOLE. ENTRY. so, here we all are 😀  ANYWAY…

First stop, I went to the newest building of the Department of Foreign Affairs’ Consular Office to… what else?  Renew my passport (as if you didn’t know that already! :P)

The DFA’s consular office

Nothing much to say here except for the fact that I didn’t know that renewing passports already prepares you for the weather of countries you’re going to visit, especially the cold ones!  (Err… not funny, I know.   Gawd, just excuse me for my complete lack of ability to humor you.  Moving on…)  I swear, if you had known what it was like at the “old” building, you would’ve understood me for not bringing a jacket or something to keep me warm.  heehee.  So there.  If you’re going to this new building, I only have one tip: BRING A JACKET!  (oh, and don’t sit close to the air-con, please!  Brrrr…)

But aside from “temperature issues,” I have to say, kudos to the DFA for improving the system!  It only took me one hour (or even less) to accomplish what I went there for.  The only thing I need to do now is wait for my passport to be delivered on my doorstep in 10 working days or so. 😉  But then again, I was able to use the courtesy lane facility which I completely owe to one of my friends from the DFA, Ms. Arlene Pascasio-Racho of ASEAN Affairs.  Special mention also goes to Ate Joy Calunsag of CMOAS and Ms. Zeny Alonzo of OCO.  Maraming, maraming salamat po!!!

After the DFA, I had a quick detour to pick up my sister and niece in their Mandaluyong house, then to Quezon City, and finally, to my next destination: Taft Avenue.

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear “Taft Avenue”?  LA SALLE! (Duh.  Well, at least I’m a little biased here.  Take note, “just a little!”  haha!)  Anyway, Taft Avenue has been my home for my entire college life and it still is — now that I’m in graduate school.  Heck, whenever I commute to and fro a different city (Makati, anyone?), once I’m already along Taft Avenue, my nerves instantly calm down (I’m always paranoid when commuting, by the way) and it’s as if something always tells me that it’s already “safe.”  Yes, that’s right:  SAFE.  That’s how relaxed I get whenever I’m in this place.  Taft Avenue is one of my comfort zones, baby! 😀

But of course, what makes me feel sooo saaafe along THIS avenue?  The two schools sandwiching it: De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (oh college life, I miss you so!) and De La Salle University (hello graduate school!)  Oh yes, THIS part of the avenue totally bleeds G-R-E-E-N. 😉

Having said that, I went to school to “late” enroll for this term but then again, that’s not really the fun part here, no?  So, I first met up with my predicted best friend for 2011, Atty. Emjae Gambon!  (he’s not yet a lawyer, but he’ll be one in a few years time! yehesss naman! proud “best” friend ako! HA HA HA :P) And then, the fun partS!  Aside from being mistaken as an undergraduate student SEVERAL TIMES (ehem, ehem, ehem) … … …

need I say more?

First, I was FINALLY able to buy a drink and visit the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf INSIDE the library!  YES, YES, YES — IT. IS. INSIDE!!!  Oh DLSU, I think I just gained a new inspiration to finish my Master’s! 😀

What did you expect? It’s a DLSU library after all! La Salle = coolness. PERIOD.

Last but definitely NOT the least, I was FINALLY able to taste the Korean snack, tteokbokki ♪♫ for the first time! ♪♫  AND, AND, AND… my favorite Korean ice cream brand, Binggrae, is also present in the Animo Food Haus.  I think I just died and went straight to Korean heaven right then and there.  DLSU is truly love, love, love… saranghaeyo. ❤


different kinds of Binggrae ice cream

If you haven’t noticed, I kind of have achieved some of my “FINALLYs” this one fruitful day.  haha!  And according to my dear friend, Mr. Longman, fruitful can be defined as “producing good results.”  Yeah, I think I rest my case.

P.S.: Since this is my first post for 2011, I almost forgot that I still haven’t wished you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  So, there. 😀


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