Gathered Thoughts

That’s What I Keep Telling Myself!

It’s been years since the last time I rambled about love and I’m sorry but the hopeless romantic in me just can’t help it so here I go again.  FORTUNATELY, this time, the “focus” of this entry is not the same person anymore.  Oh, thank God! 😀

So, if you’re one of my friends on Facebook, you’ll notice that for the past weeks or so, my status updates are like a broken record — updated every minute/hour or so (thanks to my office computer!  haha!) with never-ending one-liners, ALL with the same message: LOVE.

OR SO I THINK.  Here’s the thing, I’m kind of unsure with the exact meaning of that word because if there’s one thing “history” taught me, it’s that it tends to repeat — and I’m in no mood whatsoever to go through love hell once again!

Many people ask me why I’m single.  Well, as @DamnItsTrue put it, “I’m single not because I don’t pray for love.  I’m single because I don’t play around with love.” Yeah, that or I guess you can also blame me for my “high standards” that most of the time, the guys that do pass those standards are even waaay out of my league already.  Heck, if you looked inside my uber-cheesy-and-mushy brain, you’d see Prince William‘s name on top of my “high standards” list!  Haha!

That’s why I’m a sucker for rom-com movies!  Speaking of which, have you seen Gerald Anderson and Sarah Geronimo‘s latest movie?  If you have, then you’d already know why I loved it sooo much!  I want a love story like that.  I said “like,” so being the President’s son is not necessary.  BUT being a gentleman, fearing God, having the ability to be suuuper sweet, loving selflessly, and whatnot ARE REQUIRED!  Most especially, don’t make me fall if you don’t plan to catch me!  Haha!  (oh, enough.  Just watch Catch Me… I’m in Love in theaters now!) 😛

But you see, going back to my “high standards” list, the good thing about me is that I know and accept the fact that I’m no Kate Middleton — but just like her, I want to end up with my own “prince” — though not literally. 😉  And that’s where “New Guy” comes in.  Excuse my mushiness but for me, he’s the perfect example of a “commoner prince,” as oxymoronic as that may sound.  I still can’t describe him in detail because like I said, I’m still confused.  Besides, @DamnItsTrue said (again!), “I know I love someone when I can’t put into words how they make me feel.” And that made me think… Hmm.  But know this — he’s the one who put “kilig” back in my vocabulary and you don’t know how good that feels after being on hiatus from loveland!  He made my dreams sweet again, my days brighter, and myself happier.  I even find myself smiling out of nowhere just by reading some of my students’ names — just because they have the same name!  Craaazy, right?  Haha!

But no, up to this point, I’m still denying that I’m in love.  Crush?  More.  Infatuation?  Maybe.  But love?  As long as “unrequited” doesn’t precede it, then I can say MAYBE too.  But overall, I’d say it’s just a state of mind.  However, I read somewhere to not underestimate states of mind; they’re why we do everything. 🙂  But still,  I want to say it one more time, love is a state of mind.

IT’S. JUST. A. STATE. OF. MIND.  Well, you’ve already read the title of this entry.  So, go figure. 😉

“I didn’t say ‘I Love You’ to hear it back… I said it to make sure you knew.”
@DamnItsTrue (follow her on Twitter ’cause her tweets are just SOOO. DAMN. TRUE!!! :D)


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