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Of Childhood Fairy Tales And The Art of Letting Go

“Technically, I’m single.  Emotionally, I’m taken because in my heart,
I’ll always be yours, even if you don’t know it.”


The hype is SO ON.  The week has finally arrived.  The wedding bells are about to ring.

So to all my fellow royal family fanatics out there, PLEASE STAND UP!!! 😀

Look who got invited… in her dreams! haha!

Based on the edited invitation you just saw above this very paragraph, I guess you already know where this is going. 😉  You see, I’ve been a huge addict/fan/follower of royal families, ESPECIALLY the British royal family, ever since I was a very young girl.  I can still remember the day the People’s Princess died.  I was seven years old, it was a Sunday, I just got home after my parents bought me a new pair of jeans from the mall, and upon sitting on our sofa, I heard the news straight from our TV.  Indeed, it was a VERY, VERY SAD AND TRAGIC event. 😥  But as the saying goes, “every dark cloud has a silver lining” — and I don’t know exactly how it started but from that day onwards, my silver lining is none other than William Arthus Philip Louis (Windsor) or more simply known as Prince William.  OR in my case, the leading man of my very own childhood fairy tale who started it all! 😉

Just like any girl, I’ve had my own fair share of sheer lunacy where I imagined myself as a princess with my own kingdom and a handsome young prince to boot — Prince William!  My crush on him was so surreal that eventually, it was as if I developed a “crush” on the entire United Kingdom itself!  Just because of one prince, I developed this whole new interest in EVERYTHING U.K. — British men and their accents (ahem!), Harry Potter (haha!  admit it, I just can’t CAN’T include that!), their monarchy and parliamentary government, the pound sterling, the Union Jack, and whatnot.  As long as it’s related to the U.K., I buy it, I dream about it, and I talk about it!  The only thing left that keeps on getting postponed is for me to be able to experience ALL THAT firsthand!  But anyway, thank God I’m a very patient person and rest assured, you’ll see a blog entry once I finally have MY trip to the U.K.  Yeah, alright.  Definitely.

Going back to my childhood fairy tale, I’m happy to say thet I GREW UP (I think.  haha!).   First, I STILL admire Prince William but my crush on him sort of took the same direction as his hair (if you know what I mean! :D)

Prince William THEN and NOW

Next, I lay low on the whole U.K.-related world of mine — but of course, I get relapses from time to time.  heehee.  And most of all, I came to the realization that in this world, there always has to be ONLY ONE EXCEPTION who gets to turn her fairy tales into reality — and of course, we already all know who that is:

Kate Middleton or shall I say, (future) Princess Catherine of Wales

Yes, Catherine Elizabeth Middleton 🙂  For months, I bought every magazine, read and searched articles on the Internet, and watched every show that has something to do with her and Prince William — and surprisingly, I’m more drawn to the former!  But even before you accuse me of being bitter or jealous and worse, being a lesbo, hold your horses already! 😛  Because the truth is, she somehow turned into this woman I REALLY, REALLY look up to!  Anyway, I don’t want to make this any longer but I guarantee you that when I’m asked who my role model is, I have only two words to say: Kate Middleton or Princess Catherine 😉

SIGH.  There are still things about the Royal Wedding I really, really want to say and talk about that’s why it’s frustrating that I can’t exactly put into words how I feel.  But of course, I didn’t name this entry “The Art of Letting Go” for nothing.  It’s because as much as we cherish and relish our childhood fairy tales, we all know that someday, we have to face real life and eventually move on.  And yes, I’ve decided that this is my “someday.”  I’m finally closing the “Childhood Fairy Tale” chapter of my life — perfect timing, just in time for the Royal Wedding! 😛

So, having said this and that, I just want to say,

(and may they live happily ever after…) 

As for me, it’s about time to write a new chapter (heck, why not even a “book”?) in my life filled with real-life stories!  And hopefully, I can also find a “commoner prince” along the way! 😉

To my dear future fiancé, you may not be a real-life prince but I sure as hell want to be treated like a princess! On that note, don’t just give me any diamond ring. Instead, I want an “oval blue 18-carat sapphire and diamond ring” just like what you’re seeing right now! Then, you can proceed with reserving Westminster Abbey for our big day! That’s all, thank you very much. 😉

Disclaimer: I do not own the photos and the video.


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