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Hong Kong According to “I”

Julius Caesar once said, “Veni.  Vidi.  Vici.” or in short, he said that he came, he saw, he conquered.  But then again, this isn’t Julius Caesar‘s blog.  This is Mikhaela Georgette‘s blog!  Haha!  So even before you accuse me of committing a grammar error with this entry’s title by using the subjective pronoun “I” instead of the objective pronoun “me,” I have only one thing to tell you,

Ever heard of “ARTISTIC LICENSE”?! chos 😛

Anyway, Julius Caesar doesn’t have anything to do with this entry.  (Maybe in the future, but not with this one!  LOL.)  I just wanted to copy him and use the word “I” (or the letter, the pronoun, whatever!) as many times as possible to tell you about my most recent trip to the “little but known Cantonese-speaking place, just below mainland China” — Hong Kong! 😀



It was already my fourth time in Hong Kong but when I “came” there last Thursday, I was looking forward to a new experience.  My last Hong Kong trip was back in 2007 and I was with some of my college friends.  This year, I went with my family: my three older sisters Anne, Malou, and Patty, my brother-in-law Mon, and of course, my niece Lila!

But even before we were able to have some Hongky Kongky quality time, we experienced Manilarama (as in “Manila drama”) first.  You see, we booked this trip ages ago but on the eve of our flight, Lila got sick!  She had a high fever and with Lila’s history (she also got sick on the day before her 1st birthday), mahirap na!  So, my sister Malou and I were the only ones who pushed through with our original flight schedule and we weren’t even sure if the rest of our family could be with us the following day.  But of course, God is good and great ALL THE TIME so last Friday, we were finally reunited. 🙂

family picture 🙂

While in Tsim Sha Tsui, we stayed at The Mira Hotel and my golly, it must be one of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed in!  I simply looove its modern theme!!!

And the best part is?  They have Internet TV with a matching wireless keyboard to boot!  In short, I was totally hooked!

“I” walked.

Well, nothing much to say here except for the fact that when you’re in Hong Kong, you’ll definitely do a lot of walking, and walking, and walking, and walking…  And oh, did I forget to say WALKING? 😉

Tip: wear your most comfortable footwear!  Mine’s my good old pair of FitFlop!

my “slippers” are definitely made for walking!!! 😉

“I” SAW.

I’ll be dividing this one into two parts.  And these parts are:

First, I “saw” my Hong Kong native friend Jennifer Yu.  I met Jennifer back in 2007 when I participated in the Hong Kong International Model United Nations and even though we haven’t met in like four years, I’m glad that we were able to keep in touch — thanks much to the ever famous Facebook!  In fact, it was actually my friends from Hong Kong who introduced me to the aforementioned social networking site back in 2007.  I can still even remember that back then, they were my only “friends” because Facebook wasn’t that popular yet in the Philippines.  But of course, we already know that there’s a whole different story now! 😉

with my Hong Kong native friend Jennifer 🙂

Next, I “saw” Disney characters.  On our third day, it was finally time to leave Tsim Sha Tsui and The Mira Hotel and transfer to Lantau Island where Disneyland is located.   Upon stepping on the entrance of the Disneyland Hotel, it was as if I instantly “left today and entered the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy.”

It’s actually my second time in Hong Kong Disneyland but I’ve to admit, I didn’t enjoy my first visit because back then, Disneyland was still “new” and it wasn’t THAT complete yet.  Fortunately, my most recent visit turned out to be worthwhile because I was finally able to sample what Hong Kong’s version has to offer and brush elbows with my beloved childhood characters — safari animals, princesses, and of course, Mickey Mouse!!!

Sleeping Beauty’s Aurora

Beauty and the Beast’s Belle


Snow White

Daisy Duck


Mickey Mouse

Aside from that, I enjoyed watching the different shows (sort of like mini plays) and trying the cute rides!!!  Plus, just like The Mira Hotel, the Disneyland Hotel is also one of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed in — it made me feel like I’m “Kate Middleton!”

Or in short, the Disneyland Hotel made me feel like I’m a princess living in my very own castle!  I ABSO-BLOODY-LUTELY looove it!!!

“I” shopped.

First of all, I’d like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to my sister Malou for sponsoring almost EVERYTHING in this trip, including the two “Benjamin Franklins” she gave me as my pocket money! 😀  Anyway, I know that that amount may be nothing (especially since it’s sale season in Hong Kong) but at least I can say that I didn’t commit a crime!  Yes, people!  It’s a crime NOT to shop in Hong Kong!  After all, it’s one of the shopping capitals IN THE WORLD lang naman.  So, I “shopped!”  Haha!

my Disney stash 😉


I’ve to admit, I have a fear of flying but I’m proud to say that I’ve “conquered” it ONCE AGAIN!  And I’ll continue on conquering it because you know, once the travel bug bites you, no one and NOTHING (even the fear of flying) can stop you!!!  Tamuh!

“I” drank.

Two words: MIIILK TEEAAAA!  Yes, I looove ALL KINDS of Milk Tea and I “drank” (and still drink) tons of it!!!  What can you do?  I’m addicted to it! ‘Nuff said. 😛

“I” ate.

Food!  Food!!  Food!!!  Name it, Hong Kong’s got it!  A trip to this place is one gastronomic adventure!  GUARANTEED.  So, get ready to feast your eyes on these:

I came.  I walked.  I saw.  I shopped.  I conquered.  I drank.  I ate. — these are basically some of the things I did during my fourth trip to Hong Kong and well, these are what tourists USUALLY do and what YOU would MOST LIKELY do, too! 😉

So, Hong Kong was my “last hurrah” for the Summer of 2011.  Who knows?  Maybe next summer, I’ll be finally blogging about my trip to the “place” where Julius Caesar uttered the exact words you’ve read in my introduction!!! *hint, hint*



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