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Care for Some (Milk) Tea?

Milk tea is all the rage in the metro right now!!!  So as a self-proclaimed milk tea addict, I just want to share with you my current favorite milk tea places (and corresponding drinks).  I’ll make this short and simple for my only goal with this entry is to “suggest” or to some extent, “promote” my favorites! 😉  So let’s start:

1. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
Try their (Iced or Hot) Double Vanilla Tea Latte

Iced Double Vanilla Tea Latte, please! ♥

2. Chatime
Try their Pearl Milk Tea

3. Serenitea
Try their Wintermelon Milk Tea
(preferably with pearls and egg pudding)

4. Starbucks
Try their (Iced or Hot) English Breakfast Tea Latte

5. Tea Central
Try their Mint Milk Tea

6. Zen Tea
Try their Carnival Milk Tea (Caramel flavor)

7. 7Eleven
Grab a bottle of UniPresident’s MineShine Milk Tea

There you go, short and simple!  Of course there are still other variants and milk tea places I still have yet to try such as Bubble Tea and Happy Lemon (please open branches in “Manila” kasi! :P) and the local Gong Cha branch (yes, no need to go to Hong Kong or Singapore, they’ve finally opened one in MOA!)  but overall, the aforementioned brands would suffice and curb my milk tea “withdrawal symptoms” FOR NOW!  HA HA HA 😉

Cheers fellow milk tea drinkers!!!  Keep calm and drink up ♥


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