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My Sisters, My Masters ;)

I’m baaack!  Well, at least for now.  Ever since the new school year started, I’ve already had a feeling that I won’t be able to blog as often as I WANT.  Not just because of my “bisi-bisihan” state, but because of my lack of insipiration.  Ugh, work + graduate school?  Not so inspiring, thank you very much! 😛

Anyway, just to give you a brief background, I’ve been trying to finish my Master’s Degree since time immemorial (okay, since 2008) and honestly, if it weren’t for my sisters, I don’t think I’d still be pushing through with it anymore.  I took a year off (I’m also a full-time employee, you know?) and just last May, I decided to come back.  But the truth is, tinatamad na talaga ako.  I mean I decided to enroll in my program just a few months after I graduated from college, I was only 18 years old, and just like most of my decisions in life, it was sort of an “impulse” on my part.  I’m just sooo lucky that I have a very supportive family (i.e. my sisters), so even though the program I enrolled in was a little off-track from my undergraduate degree, they just made sure that I knew what I was getting myself into.  After all, I told them that I’m really interested to learn MORE.  And with that, case closed; hello Master’s! 🙂

So, yeah.  At first, I was happy.  But you see, there’s really something wrong with me: I’m one heck of a FICKLE-MINDED PERSON!  One minute, I like this; the next minute, I don’t WANT the same thing anymore.  Sigh.  I guess I have to be thankful that yes, I know myself, BUT my sisters know me better!  We all  (my sisters and I) know that there are and will be times that I want to give up, but they taught me that quitting is not and should never be an option.

The problem with our “wants” is, we can’t always get them.  The same applies to me — just because I WANT to quit, doesn’t necessarily mean I have to.  I know that earning my Master’s Degree will give me better opportunities for my future and for goodness’ sake, I’m already in my last “coursework term.”  Meaning, if I pass my subjects this term, all I have to do is take my COMPREHENSIVE EXAM + MASTER’S THESIS and voila, you can finally call me a “master,” people!  Kung mag-quiquit pa’ko ngayon, ano pa’t nagsayang ako ng pera, oras, at higit sa lahat dugo’t pawis sa huling tatlong taon, diba?  DIBA?!  Haha!  But then again, that’s easier said than done!

Luckily, my sisters are just the right kind of “push” I need.  Telling me to just give in with what I want (i.e. quitting) is not really an “encouragement”; PUSHING ME TO MY LIMIT is what suits me because at the end of the day, I’ll be the one benefiting from it.  Besides, it’ll be a win-win situation: I get to have a Master’s Degree and of course, BRAGGING RIGHTS, man!  It’s like killing two birds with one stone as most of my students say!  Who could ever resist that, huh?!  Tell me nang mauntog at magising sa katotohanan!  HA HA HA

But seriously, I just want to say THANK YOU to my three older sisters because ever since we lost our parents, we’ve always been looking after each other’s back!  They are truly the BEST MASTERS I could ever have in my life (ganun talaga, bunso ako eh!  Haha!) because they’re not just “masters” who feed me, order me to do things, and not to mention pay for my education, they’re also TEACHERS who show me the most important lessons I need (and sometimes “want”) in my life.  I LOOOVE YOOUUU!

As for my other “Master’s” (as in Master’s Degree), I have only one thing to say…

*sabay cringe*

Mikhaela Georgette, FIGHTING!!!


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