Gathered Thoughts, Marked on the Calendar, Mi Familia y Mi Amigos

Today, I Held Documents That Are Even Older Than My Great Grandparents!

¡Hola!  Hoy en día, fui a los Archivos Nacionales y la Biblioteca. 😀
(Naks, kala mo naman ang galing!  Google Translate lang po ‘yan!  *bow*)

Anyway, for my so-called “thesis proposal,” my professor required me and my classmates to do some archival research — hence, the trip to the National Archives/Library!  I started my day by doing “simple research” in school and then I met up with my classmate Aisha.  To make the long story short, we were able to hold several ORIGINAL documents dating back to the 19th CENTURY!  Here’s a sample:

This document was signed on April 19, 1897! @_@

The tricky part is, we have to TRANSCRIBE and TRANSLATE them!  Afterwards, we have to SUMMARIZE them in at least five paragraphs!  And did I mention that they’re ALL written in SPANISH?  ¡Dios mío!  I’ve had 12 units of Spanish in college but I don’t think that’s enough to finish what needs to be done!  Just look at how incomprehensible the Spaniard’s handwriting is from the sample!  Que Dios me ayude!

Moving on, I considered this as a blog-worthy experience because c’mon!  It’s not everyday that you get to touch things that had been touched by people who are even older than your great grandparents!  Diba? DIBA??? 😛

Plus, I kinda had my own little adventure! 😉  After the National Archives, my classmates and I parted ways and I went to the National Library ALONE to get some “recent” documents.  When I finally took hold of what I need (oh please!  I really hope it’s what I “need”), I stayed a little more and sat in a simple corner in the Library — ang loser ko lang tingnan kasi parang ako lang yung walang kasamang kilala dun! 😦  But anyway, I felt sooo “Ms. Independent” kaya keri lang! 😀  However, upon leaving, I don’t know what happened but it was as if my brain and my feet had an alliance because I just suddenly found myself walking along Jorge Bocobo St. and then toward Robinsons Place Ermita!  Yeeessss, nakapaglakad ako ng mag-isa mula National Library hanggang RP!  I KID YOU NOT!!! 🙂  So what I did was text my childhood friend Meeko and we did some catching up at Serenitea!  Aaahh, the simple joy of drinking milk tea and talking with a good friend ♥

So that’s it!  Today, I held documents that had witnessed history firsthand, had some “me” time, did some “exercise” (naglakad ako ng malayo, remember?  Haha!), and met up with a good friend.  I say this day is a SUCCESS!

I just hope my “thesis proposal” and my grades at the end of this term will be “successful” too…  PLEASE PRAY FOR ME!  Gracias mi amigos! 🙂


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