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Happiness is…

…having your cake and eating it too!  Two things: work and graduate school. 😉  Before this term started, I was really iffy about going back to graduate school but you know, I did go back.  In the middle of the term, I was still iffy PLUS had “emotions” here and there.  But now, as in RIGHT NOW, I can say that I’m NOT iffy anymore; I’m finally HAPPY.  Why?  Well, simply put that my two friends named Term and Break are about to visit me next week and just a while ago, I finally passed my TWO PAPERS that have kept me busy (and made me a little crazy) for pretty much the past three months!  So yeah, I had my cake, and I ate it too!  Sa totoo lang, hindi ko lang siya kinain, NILAMON ko siya!  Rawwrrr 😛

…knowing that your “work” has allowed you to enjoy the looong weekend.  When the “long weekend” was first announced, I actually had a “blah” reaction.  After all, I thought that I would be going to work during those days, which already happened in the past AND which is normal for my company (but don’t worry, when we do, we actually get “extra pay”).  But anyway, the company I’m working for decided to give us this BREAK kaya pa’no ba ‘yan?  Happy happy, joy joy nalang tayo all the way!  The long weekend’s still about to happen and I’m pretty sure that it’ll be a blog-worthy FOUR DAYS (and nights)!!! ABANGAN… 😉

…hearing a consul tell you, “your visa has been approved!”  Seriously, those words = ♪ music ♫ to my ears!  Last Monday, I applied for a U.S. Visa and today, Friday, I received it already!  And guess what?  It’s valid for TEN YEARS!  I’m sooo happy I want to go to the U.S. every. single. month!  Haha, I know it’s O.A. but I swear, if only I had the time, I really would!  But whatever!  Sige na nga, kahit once a year nalang. 😉  However, it also made me think…  Ten years?  Not that I’m complaining but by that time, I’ll be 31…  and by that time, I SHOULD be traveling with my HUSBAND already!  Namaaan!  Depressing!!  Change topic na nga!!!  Hahaha!

And most especially, HAPPINESS IS…

…HAVING A VERY LOVING AND SUPPORTIVE FAMILY!  If you’ve read my previous posts, you could already tell how close I am to my three older sisters Anne, Malou, and Patty.  And once again, I want to say THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! to them for always being there for me…  for being my strength when I was weak, my voice when I couldn’t speak, my eyes when I couldn’t see, seeing the best there is in me, lifting me up when I couldn’t reach, giving me faith because they believed…  Wahahahaha!  “Celine Dion” aside, it’s true what the lyrics say: I’m everything I am because they loved, love, and will love me.  Syempre, special mention din dapat ang brother-in-law kong si Kuya Mon at ang aking uber cute na pamangking si Lila!  So mi familia, I love you all!!!

…HAVING A FATHER, BROTHER, BEST FRIEND, “EVERYTHING” ALL ROLLED INTO ONE: GOD!  Yes Lord, these past few months, You’ve showed me that when You answer my prayers, You increase my faith; if You delay them, You increase my patience; and if You don’t, You know I can handle it.  And even though these aren’t also my “original” words because I just RT-ed them from someone I’m following from Twirrerrr, I know that You know that I mean the same.  Every word.  Having said that, THAAANK YOOUUU ♥

So, there.  I’m happy.  Heck, I’m also excited!  In fact, I’m sooo happy and excited for the past two days that one of my sisters has already been complaining about my high-pitched voice and telling me to stop acting like I’m “high!”  But you know what, sometimes, words aren’t enough.  And you know, there’s a saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” so thanks to Google Images, I found a picture that exactly portrays how I feel right now:

‘Nuff said.  FOR NOW.


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