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TAGAY… teeyyy!

Manila -> Alabang-> TAGAYTAY-> Parañaque-> Manila-> Makati-> Manila can pretty much describe my “long weekend” Sunday night and the Monday after!  My friends Carol, Danica, Anthony, Emjae, and I have been planning our “unplanned” (parang ang labo lang: planning and unplanned!  Basta ganun!  Hahaha!)  Tagaytay trip since the long weekend was announced and I’ve to say, despite all the CRAZINESS we’ve had, OVERALL, it was one heck of a FUN experience!!! 😀

with Danica, Emjae, and Anthony

with Carol, Danica, and Emjae

Of course ALCOHOL was one of the essentials in this trip, but I’ve to admit that I was kind of a killjoy for not participating THAT well in our “tagay” sessions!  Hahaha!

“welcome drinks”

But you know, UNFORTUNATELY FOR ME, I’m allergic to “A” and I’m not kidding!  It’s called Asian Blush/Flush/Glow!  So ako na, ako na ang blushing/flushing/glowing when drinking alcohol!  Wahahahaha!  But seriously, despite the “flattering” effect attached to it, I don’t think it’s STILL flattering for an affected person like me to know that “research has shown that a history of facial flushing when drinking is indicative of ALDH2 deficiency, and that an ALDH2-deficient drinker who drinks two beers per day has six to ten times the risk of developing ESOPHAGEAL CANCER as a drinker not deficient in the enzyme.”   And just so you know, I’m sad to say that YES, my father died of the aforementioned cancer.  So, NO, I don’t think I’ll be drinking THAT hard anytime soon! 🙂

There, that’s pretty much the reason why I try to AVOID drinking any kind of alcohol, and I hope that’s enough.  No more questions asked.  Besides, I think I can stick to what one of my friends said, kahit saan, basta kasama ko kayo!”  — as for WHO SAID IT, I leave that up to you to figure out!  You see, I may be a killjoy, pero guaranteed, walang laglagan dito!  HE HE HE 😛

“Killjoy part” aside, we ate our (late) dinner at Buon Giorno Caffe and Bistro!  Good thing we had a 9PM reservation because it was really drizzling, t-r-a-f-f-i-c, and at first, we really had no idea where it was located!  We did arrive on time, but I just realized now that I’ve been there before!  Anobehnemenyen.  Hahaha!

circa 2007 😀


Buon Giorno, anyone?

at Buon Giorno, August 2011 😉

brrr… malamig ang simoy ng hangin!!!

Emjae, Carol, Anthony, and yours truly 😀

After eating dinner, we decided that it was time to get out of Tagaytay and head to our friend Danica‘s place.  In fairness, I think it took us only one hour to drive from Tagaytay to Parañaque.  We arrived at Danica‘s place around midnight but you know, the “parteeyyy” wasn’t over YET!

I sooo love Danica’s bedsheet: ROXY! Hahaha!

Haha, okay.  It may not be valid to call it a party, but we did go downstairs for another round of drinks and talked about “interesting” things.

mooore drinks!

And when I say interesting things, well mostly they were about our college life and their Europe trip back in 2007.  You see, one of the things that amaze me when I’m with these guys is that they never run out of stories to tell about their Europe trip even though it has been four years ago already!  But seriously, I think that just proves how much fun they had during that trip and even though I can’t relate to what they say sometimes, I still enjoy listening to them!  Pero hindi bale, I’m sure sooner or later I can finally relate to their stories “FULLY!”  After all, America’s Next Top Model yata ako noh!  Diba Emjae?  Yun nga lang, America’s Next Top PLUS-SIZE Model at that!  Wahahahaha! 😉

Ako na ang feeling mowwwdel! Ang kumontra, inggitera! 😛

Anyway, that was my Sunday night.  The following day, Carol and I went to Robinsons Place Manila after leaving Danica‘s house.  We had our milk tea fix at Serenitea (sorry na!  Ako na talaga ang milk tea addict! :P), and then from there, we went to Makati.  We parted ways at Glorietta, and I picked something up at Ecology Village — and that was it! 😉

Here’s to many more looong weekends in the future!
Let’s all “tagay” to that!  CHEERS!

😉Kahit saanbasta kasama ko kayo!” 😉


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