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(Feeling) Miss United Kingdom

Two words: UNION JACK (or Union Flag)! 😛

But first, let me show you how the Union Flag we know TODAY came to be:

The evolution of the Union Flag 😉

Interesting, huh?  But what did you expect?  After all, IT IS the flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland — but as to why Wales is not represented, well I’ve no idea either.  Heehee.

Anyway, I don’t know when exactly my ADDICTION started, but I can remember that as early as my elementary days, I was already HOARDING (haha!) Union Jack-inspired stuff!  Through the years, some of those have come and gone, but of course, they’re NEVER gone!  In fact, they keep on “coming” 😉  To give you proof, the following are SOME of the Union Jack-inspired stuff that are CURRENTLY in my possession:

…from my bag, purse, and even wallet!

even my (pink) gym bag is Union Jack-inspired!

“some” clothes

I own the exact same pair!

Pink bedsheet-with-pigs-and-polka dots aside (hahaha!  Sorry naman, ang cute kaya ng bedsheet ko! :P), I also looove buying Union Jack-inspired stuff (including underwear!  Hehe) from these locally available U.K. brands:

But wait, there’s more:

Union Jack nails, anyone?

why not combine them with French tips?! France + the U.K. = panalo! Parang WWII lang sa pagiging “allies” CHOS! 😉

But you know what?  There are still “some things” I’ve YET to POSSESS!  Like:

designer bag at its BEST!

I know that when I go to the U.K., sa tabi-tabi lang, pwede na’kong makabili ng mga ‘yan!  Pero pa’no ba ‘yan, hindi pa’ko nakakapunta dun eh!  Kaya pwedeng mag-sorry?  Wahahahaha!  But anyway, my bank account better be ready for me once I finally push through with my U.K. trip because you know, there are still mooore Union Jack-inspired stuff that I WANT:

And who knows?  Maybe in the future, I might even go AS FAR as these guys:

Oh diba, Union Jack HAIR and TATTOO?  AWARD!!!  Sila na ang hardcore Union Jack fans!  As for me, I better stick to my own “hoard” FOR NOW:

Group Picture! Hahaha!

So there.  Ika nga ni Lola Queen Elizabeth (asa naman ako!  Hihihi),



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