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Gotta Love Books! ♥

Today, I went to the 32nd Manila International Book Fair at the SMX Convention Center. 🙂

The SMX Convention Center

I looove books!  Be it fiction or nonfiction, I can say that I can read both!  But then again, who doesn’t love books, RIGHT?  Well if you don’t, I recommend that you start doing so NOW!  It’s never too late to get interested in them and attend book fairs here and there!  Heehee.  Anyway, this is my second time to attend the Manila International Book Fair, and I plan to keep this as some sort of a yearly “tradition.”  And this year, I went with my childhood friend Meeko with only three “goals” in mind:

First, have my Before Ever After (read my blog entry about it here) copy signed by the author (Samantha Sotto) herself PLUS attend the book discussion that came after it.  CHECK and CHECK!

Book Signing

“To Mika, follow the chickens!” ♥

Meeko, yours truly, and Samantha Sotto 😀

Book Discussion

Next, buy a copy of The Dukan Diet by Dr. Pierre Dukan!  (F.Y.I: this is the pre-wedding diet of Kate Middleton!  Haha!) = CHECK!  But as to whether or not it’s effective FOR ME, then I guess we’ll just have to WAIT and SEE! 😉

Of course, I bought other books as well, but having done what I really came there for was really satisfying!  As my friend Meeko said, “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!”

Meeko and Mika! 😀

Can’t wait for the 33rd Manila International Book Fair!!!
Admit it, we just GOTTA. LOVE. BOOKS!!!


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