Marked on the Calendar, Mi Familia y Mi Amigos

Gimme Some CANDY!!!

If there was one word to describe my previous weekend, it’d be “SWEET!”

Sweet stuff, anyone? 😀

Why?  Simply because I attended one of Summit Media‘s biggest events of the year: The Candy Fair 2011!  CANDY = SWEET!  Get it?  Hahaha! 😉

my childhood friend Meeko, her sister Mariella, and yours truly

Candy Magazine has been a part of my life since 2002, when I got my hands on my very first issue (it was the July 2002 issue)!  However, it started to become a BIG part of my life in 2008 when I was chosen to be one of the members of the Candy Council of Cool 9 (CoC 9), wherein I instantly became a CONTRIBUTING WRITER in my own right for my beloved teen magazine!  From then on, I never stopped and my life just got sweeter and sweeter… 😀

Anyway, the Candy Fair is held every year (around September or October) and this is my third time to attend it.  I started going in 2008, and the only time I missed it was in 2009 — during the Ondoy incident!  Obviously, I really had no choice. 😦  Thankfully, the Fair is an annual event and this year, I went with my childhood friend Meeko and her sister Mariella.

certified Candy Girls 😉

Who’s who? 😛

Aside from that, the Fair also serves as a “reunion” place for friends and of course, a place to make new friends!  And last weekend, I was able to do both:

with my fellow CoC 9 member, CJ Alayon 🙂

with CoC 10’s Jeselle Villegas 😉

with Jesselle’s friend and my NEW friend, Paty Tabas 😀

And of course, no Candy Fair will be complete without…


No stamp; no entry.

Candie’s temporary tats

Yay for MILK TEA! Yay for Bubble Tea!

Happy milk tea drinker!!! 😀

nail art

my Christmas-themed nails

definitely, THUMBS UP! 😉

Meeko won a prize! 😀

Thanks, SkinWhite! Heehee.


The winning photo!!! Ayiieee! ♥

They’re so lucky they still have all their TEEN YEARS to enjoy! Haha!

Speaking of Candy Cuties, I had my eye on a particular Cutie but I felt so OLD I passed on the opportunity to have my picture taken with him!  Sayaaang!  Ayan tuloy, sobrang nagsisisi ang lola niyo!  And when I say “lola“…  well, bahala na nga kayo!  Hahaha!  But fine, his name’s Francis Salvador — so Francis, if you happen to read this, this is me saying HI!!! 😀  (Hays, iba talaga umasa ang mga lola!  Wahahahaha!)


Dino Imperial and Myx VJ Janine Ramirez

The hosts

Elmo Magalona

James Reid

For more celebrities at the Candy Fair 2011, click here;
for Candy’s tribute to the late Candy Cutie AJ Perez, click here.

And oh, before I forget, my friend UNION JACK was also present at the Fair!  I saw several girls sporting their Union Jack-inspired bags, tops, and whatnot.  At syempre, isa na’ko sa mga ‘yon! REPRESENT!!!

hugging my friend (Union) Jack! 😉

I was so happy I was THIS|CLOSE to approaching every girl I saw — I wanted to ask where they bought their Union Jack-inspired whatever, and even take their pictures!  But of course, the Lady (ehem!) tried her best to still be ladylike.  So no, I didn’t do those.  What I did, however, was just smile…  and smile…  and smile…  and keep asking myself, “sa’n niya kaya nabili ‘yon?”  Hay.

To sum things up, I’ve been a Candy Girl for almost a decade now! 😀  And even though I’m not a teen anymore (alam naaa!), I know in my heart that I’ll always be one (or at least FEEL like one!  Heehee.) ♥

Simply put:

Once a Candy Girl, ALWAYS a Candy Girl!

Candy Girl Mika

See you at the next year’s fair, fellow Candy Girls!!! 😀


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