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Define PRINCE.

According to my very helpful friend Mr. Longman, a PRINCE is…

1 – the son of a king, queen, or prince [↪ princess]
2 – a male ruler of a small country or state
3 – the prince of something/a prince among something (the man who is best at something)
4 – a man I would like to spend my whole life with (naku po, simula na ng ka-kesohan!!!)
Here are my top choices:

Prince William
The Duke of Cambridge

Well obviously, he’s already taken!  Heck, I even care more for his wife now!  Hahaha!  But I just have to give credit to the man…  the person…  the prince…  who started it all — at least for ME! 😉  Thanks a lot, Wills!  Dahil sa’yo, sobrang taas tuloy ng standards ko!  At dahil sa sobrang taas, wala pang pumapasa!  FAIL!

Pierre Boulanger
The Prince of Monte Carlo — the movie! 😛 

No, he’s not a real-life prince.  He didn’t even play the role of a “prince” in the movie Monte Carlo.  But mind you, he’s one heck of a talented actor!  Yung tipong may awards!  And did I mention that he’s French?!  Oh I don’t know…  he has this certain charm that I can’t quite…  Ah basta, yun na yun!  If my entire rambling isn’t enough, I think the picture can explain it all!

Hmm…  feeling ko lang TOWER siya…  kasi EIFFEL in love with him eh!  WAHAHAHAHA!  (Talk about corny-ness to the nth level!!!  Please bear with me, my dear readers!) 😉

Reed Jobs
The Prince of APPLE

You guessed it right — he’s none other than the son of the late Steve Jobs.  And I guess it’s safe to say: LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON! ♥

Condolence…  If only I could hug you and be with you in these trying times…  Seriously. 😥

The Commoner Prince

I’m sorry if I can’t name him, but only A FEW of my close friends know who this is…

Yes, he’s a real person!  In fact, he’s a friend.  It’s actually funny because it’s like I’ve known him for years, but it’s only NOW that I noticed him!  (*gulp*  heto naaa!)  I guess what I CAN just tell you is that he’s a “prince” in his own right.  Sa totoo lang, SIYA PALANG ANG PUMAPASA (in real life)!  He’s ALMOST perfect!  But then again, perfection is too overrated.  And honestly, I don’t think I can star in the movie No Other Man — and no, that’s NOT a typo!  Ouch!  Bakit?  Bakit kasi siya paaa?! 😦

Anyway, if you noticed one thing my “princes” have in common, it’s that they’re all WAAAY OUT OF MY LEAGUE!  Hahaha!  Oh well papel.  I guess I just have to find out if there’s going to be AN EXCEPTION…  and when I say “exception,” I was MOSTLY referring to me!  Otherwise, hello singlehood for life!!!

I don’t care if people call me “emotionally damaged” just like Jamie in Friends with Benefits (I love Mila Kunis, by the way!) because I want a “prince charming.”  But one thing’s for sure: I will never ever settle for anything less OR second best!  I’m sorry, but that’s just me!  And besides, I think I can live with being “a lady” (as opposed to being promoted to “princess” or “duchess”) for life!

Oooh!  Having said that, why look for a PRINCE when you can have a DUKE?  Haha!  ‘Nuff said. 😀


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