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A BLOG-worthy Saturday :)

I call this day (October 15, 2011) a blog-worthy one because I was able to attend this:

I’m so grateful for my school (yes, ANIMO LA SALLE!) for inviting established bloggers who are really worth emulating — especially for “aspiring” ones LIKE ME — to share their experiences with blogging! 🙂  Also, I heard that this is going to be a quarterly thing (as in every school trimester) so YAY!  YAY!!  YAY!!!  I just hope next time, they include my MOST FAVORITE BLOGGER, Patty Laurel!  Heehee. 😀

Anyway, the chosen speakers for this 2nd Bloggers Congress were:

Rob Cham
Illustrator Blogger

Rob was just a replacement for his friend Christian San Jose, but I’ve to say, I think he did a good job at it!  And he’s not just a talented artist, he’s really funny too!  Haha!

Saab Magalona
Freelance/Lifestyle Blogger

On blogging: “I’m lucky because it takes less effort BUT it’s not effortless!”

Oh Saab! 😀  I think her talk was really simple, but very insightful.  She kept on telling us that she wasn’t “prepared” because she didn’t make an outline or a presentation…  but honestly, kung hindi pa siya prepared sa lagay na yun, pa’no pa kung prepared talaga siya?  Her talk was really good — it was simple, funny, and a little “anything goes,” but I really think she pulled it off!  And of course, she’s really, really pretty — as always!!!

Camille Co
Fashion Blogger

“Your blog is an extension of yourself.” ♥

Camille was stunning!!!  I really learned A LOT from her talk (nice visuals, by the way!)  I also really kept on staring at her (talk about being fashion-struck!  Haha!)  She’s. that. good-looking!  An ultimate “eye candy.”  Plus, she’s really nice too! 😉

So the three aforementioned bloggers are all Ateneans! 😀  I love Arrneoww too (I’ve a lot of friends who think, live, breathe, and bleed “blue”), but of course we still can’t help loving our own!  Heehee.  Last BUT definitely NOT the least…  the only Lasallian speaker…  is…

Anton Diaz
Food and Travel Blogger

Two things you should know about him: Mercato Centrale and Midnight Mercato!!! 😉  Add to that his love for the country (and his passion to explore it) and you have one. awesome. FOOD AND TRAVEL BLOGGER!  Inspirational indeed!

PLUS, he gave a lot of helpful tips (just zoom in the pictures):

the difference between a BLOG and a WEBSITE 🙂

Blog Post Best Practice 🙂

Thanks again, La Salle!!!

Thanks for this mug, too! Hahaha!

Now for the other blog-worthiness of this day…

After the Bloggers Congress, my friend Lorenz and I went to the Mall of Asia to have our very own food trip!!! 😛

with my friend Lorenz

my dinner = ATTAAACK!

But honestly, THIS is the highlight of it all:

Big Daddy’s Chicken

If you love MILK TEA just like MEEE, then I guess you’re already familiar with eating chicken chops from one famous local milk tea brand!  But lo and behold, I think Big Daddy’s Chicken is the original — straight from Taiwan!  I’m so happy I discovered this today!!!  Simply DELISH!

Enough said. 😀


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