Marked on the Calendar, Mi Familia y Mi Amigos

Thank YOU… ♥

…to my FRIENDS.  For taking the time to greet me, whether it was through social-networking sites (Facebook and Twitter), text, and in person.  Reading your messages, whether short and simple OR more elaborate, truly brightened my day!  I truly have the most awesome set of friendsss!  You guys rock!  So for that…  Thank YOU. ♥

…to my FAMILY.  You never fail to surprise me!  Aside from the “material gifts,” I also want to thank you for the GIFTS of friendship, support, and most importantly, LOVE!  I love yoouuu to bits!  Again, Thank YOU. ♥

…and most of all,

…to GOD.  Thank you for the last 21 years.  And of course, for the next SIXTY or more!!!  You are truly my Best Friend, Brother, and Father all rolled into one!  In this 22nd year of mine, I can’t wait to face the challenges You have in store for me, AS WELL AS the triumphs You’ll give to me.  Whether good or bad, I know that I can face them ALL because You’ll ALWAYS be with me!  So God, Thank YOU.  Thank YOU.  Thank YOU.  And a trillion mooore Thank YOUsss.  I love you. ♥

This is it you guys!  Wala na ‘tong urungan…  Adult kung adult na talaga si Mikhaela Georgette!!!  Hahaha!


From the bottom of my ♥,
I, Thank YOU. 😀


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