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Mukhang MOA :))

I’ve been spending my past weekends at the SM Mall of Asia (MOA).  I even have a “secret” parking space at the parking lot already because that’s where I ALWAYS park whenever I’m at the aforementioned mall.  I swear, dun talaga ako lagi nagpapark!  Kung anong floor at saan dun…  SECRET!!!  Haha! 😛

Don’t get me wrong.  I love going to other malls, too.  During weekdays, you’d most likely spot me at Glorietta or Greenbelt — because my workplace is just minutes away from them!  During weekends, I usually go to MOA and/or Robinsons Place Manila!  Emphasis on the “and/or” because there are really days that I go to both malls in ONE DAY!  I call it my very own “mall-hopping!” =))

But anyway, I think November 26, 2011 tops my “weekend mall gimik” by far.  Why?  Simply because I spent both DAY and NIGHT at MOA!  Hence the title: ako na talaga ang MUKHANG MOA!  Wahahahaha!

SM Mall of Asia Logo.

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I woke up extra early that day (3:50AM) to prepare for one of the things in my bucket list:

Yep!  One of the things I want to do before I die is RUN FOR A CAUSE!  And yes, I was finally able to do that by participating in the HSBC Anniversary Fun Run, which raised funds for the Sa Aklat Sisikat Foundation (SAS), “a not-for-profit, professional Philippine organization that promotes the love and habit of reading in Filipino children in line with its vision to build a nation of readers. 🙂

It was my very first run, and I’m happy to say that I survived!  Of course I couldn’t have done it without my friends Danica and Tinah:

5K all the way!!!

with Tinah ♥

with Danica ♥

By the way, the (raffle) grand prize was:

Better luck next time! 😉

Of course I did NOT win! 😦  Oh well papel.  At least Danica and I had our consolation prize:

with HSBC Philippines' CEO and President

CHOS!!!  Hahaha!  And that’s it!  But just because I’ve crossed “run for a cause” off my bucket list, doesn’t mean I won’t do it again!  Of course this was just the first of (my) many runs!  Mooore runs to cooome! 😀


After the run, I went home to catch some ZZZsss.  But when the sun finally set, I went back to catch my friend Marta‘s birthday dinner at Yakimix! 😉

with Marta, the birthday girl ♥

Aside from celebrating a birthday, one of the things I loved about this night was our “instant” college reunion!  Gaawwwd, I simply love these people!  It’s just like college ALL. OVER. AGAIN!!!


Sooo…  Thanks a lot Henry Sy!  Thanks for making one awesome place where people can spend good times with great people — MOA!!!

Bonus: Did you know that Henry Sy‘s net worth is around $7 billion AND Steve Jobs‘ net worth is around $8 billion*?

Wala lang.  Ang taray lang ng SM!  Lumelevel sa Apple!  Chos! =))

*The aforementioned people’s “net worth” is different from that of their companies’.


5 thoughts on “Mukhang MOA :))

  1. i’m proud that you finally decided to run with me Mika 🙂
    i never imagined that we can be really good friends… to think that i was a year ahead from you when we were in MCS 🙂 God really works in mysterious ways and makes the impossible, possible 🙂
    hope to have more runs with you my dear LONDONISTA RUNNER!
    i love you so very much!

    remember, it does not matter how slow you run, for as long as you don’t stop running, you will make it to the finish line 🙂 and……………. the greatest person you can ever beat is yourself… don’t mind those running before you…. just keep running and enjoy the road 🙂 see you soon pretty girl 🙂

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