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Hyped Up?

The Royal Wedding.  The Starbucks planner.  Manny Pacquiao‘s fights.  The latest iPhone.  One thing they ALL have in common?  They’ve all been the hype at one point in time.

I just recently contemplated whether or not to get an iPhone.  But the thing is, I’m really “practical” when it comes to gadgets.  Most of my gadgets and I have very looong “relationships.”  My laptop has been with me for almost four years.  My iPod for two years.  My phone for almost four years as well.  And my Globe number?  For SEVEN YEARS (and counting; I’m actually aiming for a decade!!!)  And yes, they’re all in PERFECT CONDITION.  I know, right?  Kung boyfriend lang sana sila, engaged or kasal na sana ako ngayon!  Wahahahaha!

Going back to my iPhone dilemma, the thought of getting one just randomly popped into mind one day…  Why?  Sure you can blame it on the hype once again.  Sure you can you say that Steve Jobs has been inspiring me from the moment I read his authorized biography (speaking of which, I still owe you a book review — but that’s another blog entry.)  But the thing that bothered me most was when my friend told me that it all comes down to my “PURPOSE,” and the only words I had in return were “REED JOBS.”  Toink!  Toink!!  Toink!!!  If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you’ll notice that I’ve been OBSESSED with the “Prince of Apple” for quite some time now — hence the answer = the purpose.  I didn’t even care about the hype nor the functions of the iPhone.  Heck, I didn’t even bother about the model — 3G S, 4, or 4S!  The only thing that mattered to me was my “hallucination” that if I purchased ANY Apple product, I’d instantly have some sort of connection with the Apple Prince!!!  Waahhh — another round of baliw-baliwan madness!  I seriously need to see a shrink NOW!  Hahaha!

But then again, I’m thankful for that conversation I had with my friend.  Because if it weren’t for him, I would’ve taken my still-functional phone for granted.  That’s right.  Unfortunately, I really “overwork” my gadgets to the point that I DON’T replace them until they give up on me.  Besides, I realized that when you’re going to “level up,” might as well live up to it.  Ganito lang ‘yan eh.  Naka-iPhone ka nga, nag-jeejeep ka naman.  Naka-designer bag ka nga, ang daanan mo naman palagi ay prone to snatchers.  Yadda, yadda, yadda.  You get the picture.  I’d rather work on my parking skills first (and save up for GAS!), and put aside some moolah for my upcoming travels!  Yebah!!!

So for now, the iPhone CAN wait. 😉

Bottomline is, instead of “giving in” to whatever hype, think of your “PURPOSE” first — and contemplate whether or not your purpose is PRACTICAL, ETHICAL, and sometimes, like in my “Reed Jobs” case, LOGICAL! =))  And to quote my favorite blogger, Patty Laurel:

Instead of spending your time and money on things, spend it on experiences.

Life experiences are priceless.  You can never ever put a price tag on these precious moments.  Whether it’s a mid-afternoon conversation about unconditional love with your lola, the most amazing chocolate cake with hot caramel sauce baked by your tita, or seeing Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night up close and personal…  kung ang pinag-uusapan ay experience, something that involves the five senses…  GO!  DO IT!  Taste it, feel it, see it, listen to it, smell it!  Do not stop yourself from trying something new or from rediscovering something old.  Ang kotse nabubulok, ang iPad nalalaos.  But memories will live forever!  Oh yeah, sounds very Hallmarky! :)”

Yeah, what Patty Laurel said. 😀  Besides, sigurado naman akong magkakaron ng iPhone 10S eh, so what’s with the hurry?  In the works na nga ang iPhone 5 eh!  HA HA HA

Definitely hyped “down,”
Mika Jobseste, Chiong pala! 😛


8 thoughts on “Hyped Up?

  1. Gian Ibañez says:

    idol patty is the best talaga . Kailangan na natin siya ma meet mika hahaha. Tungkol naman sa blog mo , bakit ka naman bibili pa kung pwd mo naman hingiin na lang kay Reed hahaha ( first name basis na ) hahaha.

    • Tama, Idol Patty will always be the best! ♥

      As for Reed (at oo, panindigan ang first name basis!), hindi ko naisip yun… hayaan mo, mag-lolong distance call na’ko ngayon palang! Magdadamay narin ako ng Macbook Air AND Pro! Gusto mo rin ba? Nang masabi ko na! Wahahahaha!

  2. “if I purchased ANY Apple product, I’d instantly have some sort of connection with the Apple Prince!!!” – parang lokaloka lang ha! chos! If you’ll ask me–it’s a resounding YES! You should get an iPhone or any Apple product! You deserve it for being a hardworking girl all these years… Treat yourself kahit minsan lang naman. After all, bihira ka naman bumili ng gadgets like you said…

    PS: I’m looking forward to your book review…

  3. Pahabol! Kahit hindi iPhone o gadgets, treat yourself! hehehe!

    And sana invited ako sa “dream wedding” niyo ni “Prince of Apple” Hahaha! I love reading your blogs about your baliwbaliwan blogs (from Prince William to Prince of Apple)…

    Nice blog!

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