Marked on the Calendar, Mi Familia y Mi Amigos

Jingle Bell ROCK!!!

In this blog entry, I’d like to take a “short” (and quick!) trip down memory lane.

Destination: just this (past) weekend! 😉

First stop:

First of all, I’d like to greet my blog a HAPPY SECOND YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! 😀  I actually started this blog on December 11, 2009 ON IMPULSE that’s why I wasn’t THAT consistent at first (you can check out my blog history on my sidebar if you want proof!  Haha!)  But anyway, I decided to publicize it THIS YEAR, and I got hooked — line, sinker, and all that jazz!  I kind of declare 2011 as my “blogging year.”  Having said that, cheers to mooore years of “consistent” blogging!  Yay me!

Next stop:
Jingle Bell “ROCK!”
(Hence the title.) 

And then there’s our company Christmas party!  Last Saturday, my company held our annual Christmas Party at Hard Rock Cafe, Glorietta and my golly!  Many “unexpected” things happened…

Hard Rock Cafe logo

Image via Wikipedia

…starting with the pre-party!  Let’s just say that in between getting stuck in traffic for two hours (!) and walking the not-so-short distance from the parking lot to the venue wearing my four-inch heels (!!!), “something happened” at the parking lot.  I’m just glad I was with one of my close friends, Val (she’s the “only” witness AND I, thaaank herrr!)

I’m also happy that I was able to park my car PROPERLY!  Whew!  Whew!!  WHEW!!!  Hahaha!

The Lady and her car. Chos!

Now, let’s go to the actual party!!!  Like I said, Val and I were late for two hours (thanks a lot to the Zobel traffic!), but when we arrived, people were eating already.  Hahaha, nice timing!  Prizes were given.  People were nominated.  Games were played.  Wait, what — people were nominated?  NOMINATED FOR WHAT?  Well, there were two: “Best Dressed” and “Star of The Night.”

I, for one, got nominated for the former.  At isa lang ang masasabi ko: SAAN NANGGALING YUN?!


NakaKALURKEYT MIDDLETON!!!  Kasi naman, this is what I call THE “KULTO” LOOK!  Black na black — parang pang-Halloween lang!  Pero kasi, BLACK AND METALLIC ang theme namin eh!  KALURKEY talaga!!! =))

Good thing I have a co-nominee from my department, Marj (who’s also my current seatmate!)

With you Marj by my side, it wasn’t THAT kalurkey anymore!  Meganon?!  Joke lang.  I sound like some freakin’ conyotic-speaking kolehiyala.  Define ANNOYING.  Hahaha, PEACE! 😛

Overall, it was one heck of a Christmas party!  I seriously had fun!  Ika nga, it doesn’t really matter “where,” BUT with “who” you’re with!  And with my awesome office friends?  Oh it’s always gonna be a GREAT TIME with GREAT PEOPLE!  Yebah!!!

Introducing, the AWESOME PEOPLE OF CDP:

with Angela and Val

Val and Ms. H

with my “milk tea” buddy, Mark

with CJ

with sexy Kimmy

with Gian (a special shoutout to our IDOL PATTY Laurel!!!)


with KC (a.k.a. Ms. Lucky! She always wins stuff!!!)

with the beautiful Mao

with Maica, Mark, and Val

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!  Which brings us to…

The last stop:
 Nyoy Volante and The Rhythmic Circle

Nyoy Volante and his band 🙂

The after-party was all about a violin, singing (President and CEO included!  Haha!), a violin, jamming, and did I say A VIOLIN— ist?!  HA HA HA

Let’s just say that a few minutes after they started playing (and after our boss started singing!), all eyes were also on the person on Nyoy‘s right — including mine:

Need I say more? ♥

 Siya naaa!  Siya na talaga ang HEARTTHROB!  Talented pa!!! ♥♥♥

Lagot-lagot ako nito kay Reed!!! Pa’no ba ‘to, panibagong blog entry na naman ba?  Haha!

‘Nuff said.

😉 😀 😛


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