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Indeed, It Was A Happy Christmas 2011!!! :D

“Happy Christmas” was what I used to greet my family and friends during THIS very festive Season!  Yes, I replaced “merry” with “happy” because you know, that’s how the British say it!  Eh alam niyo naman ako, I’m in love with EVERYTHING U.K. kaya syempre, masyado kong kinakarir ang pagkaka-FEELING BRITISH ko!  Wahahahaha! 😉

This year’s Christmas was quite different for me and my family.  Let’s just say that we kind of had “new” traditions — starting with our venue.  Instead of spending Christmas at home and my Lola Vic‘s (who passed away last February.  May she rest in peace!) house in Quezon City, we spent Christmas Eve at my sister and her family’s condo unit.  Aaand we finally had Noche Buena!  Yep, it was our first time to celebrate it (we usually go for New Year’s Media Noche), and it was FUN!  FUN!!  FUN!!! 😀

Sabi ko, parang pang-Starbucks ad lang! Haha!

We started our Christmas Eve by visiting our parents. 🙂

My niece and her Starbucks cup... a complement to her Serenitea JUMBO cup! CUUUTE.

Our Christmas Eve entertainment was my niece's favorite: Mickey Mouse!

...and other Christmas-themed animations! Loves it!

If you notice, you'll see that we all wore Mickey Mouse shirts!!! ♥

wacky shot - DAW! =))

My niece made sure to write her name on the window for Santa to see! Spell adorable.


BEFORE Noche Buena...

...AFTER Noche Buena! BUSOG! Thank you, Lord.

And then of course, there was "gift time." Look what I gave my sister and niece: matching shirtdresses! Mwah.

But wait, there’s ONE MORE…

After months of searching, look what I finally got (for myself — haha!)  this Christmas:

Originally priced at £18, it was reduced to £13.50 because of Marks & Spencer's 25% off jewellery promotion. (In the Philippines, I got it for only Php2,150 with 15% discount. Yay!!!)

M&S' Platinum Plated Royal Ring

This is the closest replica (with good quality) I've seen by far!

It’s a bit pricey for something fancy (uyyy, rhyming!) — and when I say “fancy,” alam niyo yung mga nabibili sa tabi-tabi tapos may label na “fancy”?  Fancy earrings.  Fancy necklace.  Fancy watch.  Fancy jewelry — na japeyk!  Chos!  Anyway, I guess it’s priced as it is because it’s Marks & Spencer AND it’s Platinum Plated.  And based on my “research,” Platinum Plating “is also used in the jewelry industry because its luster is much purer compared to silver or gold, which enhances the brilliance of gemstones, such as diamonds and rubies.  Platinum plating does not discolor or oxidize, and it is hypoallergenic, which means that it does not react with the human skin like gold and other metals can.”  Oha, A+ for EFFORT!  Hahaha!  But anyway, like I said, I’ve been looking for THIS — FOR MONTHSSS — so I still consider this purchase worth it!  Besides, “at £13.50, rather than the £250,000 Catherine‘s ring is reported to be valued at, we’d call that a bit of a bargain.”  Heehee.

A perfect (personal) gift for Kate Middleton‘s self-proclaimed NUMBER ONE FAN — moi.  Ayiieee, yun naaa!

But of course, aside from the celebrations and presents, we still didn’t forget the real reason behind the Season: Jesus‘ birthday! 🙂  My family and I attended Mass, and I’d like to take this opportunity to say once again:


Indeed, it was a Happy Christmas!  Next stop: a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 😀 😀 😀

Until then…  xoxo.


7 thoughts on “Indeed, It Was A Happy Christmas 2011!!! :D

  1. ganito pala ang xmas ng rich 😀 nyahaha! IDOL talaga kitaaaaaaaaaa!

    i love your niece’s photo!!! yun ang pangstarbucks ad talaga! 😀 pwede! gawin mo akong PA nya pag natuloy sya sa showbizzzzzz 😀 hahhha!

    and oh! ikaw na talaga si MIDDLETOWN!!!! grabeeeeee! 😀

    i love you mika 🙂 seeeeeee me soon ha! hahha! demanding… kala mo see you soon noh! 😀 i mishoooooooo! 🙂 xoxo

    • hahaha, tinah! you’re sooo funny talaga! kaya mahal kita eh!!! 😉
      anyway, rich ka diyan… hindi kami rich noh – rich in LOVE pwede pa! hehehe.
      pero yeah, SEE YOU SOON! thanks and i love yah, too! mwah, mwah, mwah.

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