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Quarter-life Crisis, Anyone?

This year, I’ll be turning 3…  As in three years in my very first full-time job right after college! 😐

So kids, enjoy your “school” life while you still can. SERIOUSLY!

Don’t get me wrong.  I “loved” my job…  I love the building where I have my job…  I love the people I work with in my job…  But that’s exactly it.  It’s a “job” — it’s NOT a CAREER.  Paaak!

I can already feel it…  Sooner or later, I have to say hello to “career.”  For the past few weeks, my sedentary lifestyle’s been taking a toll on me and my health.  Oh no, I don’t blame my job for it.  No, not entirely for there are other factors.  But a part of it?  Yeah.  I’ll stop here before I even say something stupid but for now, I’ll be holding on…  I’ll be holding on until this so-called quarter-life crisis is over.

But I think the thing that bothers me most is whenever I ask myself the question “What do I want to do with my life?” and then I’ll always end up with nothing to say to myself…  *facepalm*

Anyway, I recently posted this as my status on Facebook:

“What do I want to do with my life?!  That is the question.

By the time I’m 25, I should have a CAREER already and not just a job.  And that’s only 3 years from now…  Fuuudge! :|”

CAREER.  It’s not just the question, it’s the operative word.  So what “career” do I want exactly?


CAREER-in ang pagiging “future” wife ni Reed?  Ay, masyadong ambisyosa! Pero buti alam ko diba?!  Harharhar.

Law school, perhaps?  But I’ll only be doing it for the sake of having an “Atty.” before my name, so FAIL!  It’s. not. my. calling.

A career in WRITING?  Hmm…  an interesting option but I’m still not so sure.  Writing is my hobb-eeyyy…  but making it as something I do for a living?  PRESSURE!!! 😦

Siiigh.  I think part of this “quarter-life crisis” is my older sisters.  ‘Cause you know, they all have established careers and the pressure is so on — ON ME!  But just so you know, it’s not them.  It’s ME — again!  Si bunso talaga oh! =))  I’ve already accepted the fact that I’m the odd one out among my sisters.  It’s a looong story so if you want further explanation, just click here.  Hahaha!

Like I said, I’m giving myself THREE MORE YEARS to decide…  Wala lang, kasi 25 sounds sooo…  sooo…  So “employment gods,” hear me!  Hear me, please!!!

Hay nakoowww.  Honestly, I’d rather be the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s ultimate alalay than be where I am NOW.  Sino ba naman kasi ang nag-imbento pa ng quarter-life crisis eh!  Tsk.

How are you dealing with your very own quarter-life crisis?
Share your thoughts, please! 


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