Laws of Distraction


I went to Brunei Darussalam with two of my bestest college friends. We never had any plans of going outside the country that time, but when I saw a good deal of airfare, I just had to ask them if they want to go. When they said YES, we booked right away!

Brunei Darussalam is located south of the Philippines. Even though it is near, Filipinos seldom go there for vacation. Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok are the most-likely cities to be visited by Filipinos for vacation. So when my friends asked why Brunei? I just told them, we should go for the sake that we’ve been there. Something new… Something different…


This trip would probably be the cheapest I have been so far. I got the roundtrip airfare for P2175.00 (using Cebu Pacific Air with a base fare of P488) and hotel accommodation for two nights at The…

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