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This Thing People Younger Than Me Call An “Infection”

It all started with a link — a “tweeted” link, actually.  After that, I practically waited ONE week before I decided to post something about my entry’s focus for this day.  You know, just to make sure that what I feel is legit…  After all, “it” happened oh so fast — thanks to my friend Jeselle!!!


Oh yes, I needed ONE week to really convince myself that I’m indeed a fan of, none other than, One Direction (or 1D for short) 😀

But I have to be honest.  The first time I saw their music video on a local music channel, the first thing I thought of was:

“A boyband?  In the year 2012?!  Oh not again…”

And then I kept hearing their songs almost everywhere.  Nada.
And then I found out that they’re British.  Oh-kaaay…  but still not enough.
And then Jesselle finally sent me something on Twitter, telling me that the link she provided reminded her of me since I love everything British…

I watched it…  found them very charming…  and then realized that they were the same people on THAT music video I didn’t give much attention to the first time I saw it…

After pressing “replay” a few more times, watching related videos here and there, and basically spending more time on YouTube than expected (almost 6 hours!), I stumbled upon THAT music video again.  But unlike before, my eyes were finally glued to the screen, my ears were finally listening rather than hearing, and overall, I just saw “What Makes You Beautiful” in a whole new light:

That’s when it hit me.  I finally got the so-called “Direction Infection” — which usually affects younger people.  But hey, Jesselle and I can be the “exception” to this “infection!” =))

And of course, just like Ronan Keating (Boyzone) and Nicky Byrne (Westlife) from the nineties, I also have my eyes on a particular 1D member: HARRY STYLES. ♥

The other “Prince Harry” of England. Heehee. ♥

Watch the following video to know why Harr-eh‘s oh sooo “lovely” to me!  Gaaah~

Yes, One Direction was formed thanks to the seventh season of The X Factor (UK).
And yes, thanks to Simon Cowell.

To prove that I’m far from being “cured” of this “infection” (not that I want to be anytime soon!), I bought 1D‘s debut album in less than 24 hours of being “infected.”  Haha!

Of course, I bought the one with the “Harry” cover! ♥

I know, I know.  I’m already too old for this kind of stuff… but as One Direction “sang” it,

♪ “I don’t, I don’t, don’t know what it is, but I need that one thing…  And you’ve got that one thing.” ♫

Yes, I need THIS one thing…  whether you call it a crazy thing, fangirl-ing, and even an “infection,” only one thing‘s for sure: whatever THIS thing is, 1D‘s definitely the only ONE that’s got it!

And I don’t plan on doing anything about it, but simply ENJOY it while I’m still already not-so-young and not-so-beautiful.  Wahahahaha!  Heard enough of IT?  Okay, great! 😛


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