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Broke But Not Broken :)

More than a year ago, I started sending applications to my dream workplace. After sending at least seven resumes for different positions, I finally received a call from them three months ago (February of this year).  That, actually, made me surprised because that was a position I applied for just because.  So when they asked me to take an exam, I took it.  And I passed. 😀

There were about 10 applicants (including me) during that first exam.  Three weeks after, they called me again for another exam.  This time, we were nine applicants from different batches.  I believe we were three from my batch.  Anyway, that second exam was quite challenging.  I honestly thought I had a 50-50 chance of passing it.  I did my best, so I just let God do the rest.  Two weeks after, it seemed that God heard my prayer because I was finally invited for the final interview.

Out of the nine applicants, only three of us were invited for the interview.  ONLY THREE.  And I thought I didn’t even have a chance!  Anyway, my last job interview happened more than three years ago that’s why I really tried my best to prepare for this one.  Luckily, I have two friends who already work for my dream workplace (lucky them, indeed!), and thanks to their tips, I wasn’t THAT shocked anymore when I finally entered the room.

Entering the interview room felt like being in a reality show wherein you’d be judged.  Except with this one, instead of talent, you’d be judged based on your answers.  There were four people who interviewed me, two of them were foreigners.  AND I was the first one to be interviewed — thanks to my surname NOT!  Alphabetical order ba naman!  Kulang nalang talaga literal na dumugo ang ilong ko!  Add to that the Manila heat!!! =))

Honestly, I thought I did fine.  Most of the questions I anticipated were asked, and I was really comfortable during the interview.  But I’ve to admit,  most of the answers I practiced didn’t get delivered the way I expected them to be.  After the interview, I felt “incomplete.”  I knew that I could’ve answered BETTER.  And today, I found out that my dream workplace didn’t want “better”; they wanted THE BEST.

*all together now*  AWWW!  ARAY!!  OUCH!!!

Of course, from the very beginning, I knew that my dream workplace doesn’t want anyone or anything but THE BEST.  Unfortunately for me, my best wasn’t good enough for them.  AT LEAST FOR NOW. 😉

That’s right!  I wouldn’t call my dream workplace my DREAM workplace if it was any ordinary workplace.  I’ve already shown my perseverance by sending seven resumes…  why stop NOW?  I say, seven resumes…  and still counting!  And since I’m already unemployed as of today (more on this on another blog entry), I’m kinda officially “broke” from here on.  Haha!

But hey!  I may be “broke” now, but I’m definitely NOT broken.  As long as I have “hope,” I know that finding my “career path” will come sooner or later.

Sure, there will be bumps on the road (which can cause delay), but that’s life as we know it anyway.  But what matters most, especially NOW, is for me to just keep going until I finally make my DREAM workplace a REALITY.

Tama naman ako diba? 🙂  O kaya ayan, smile na ulit diyan! 🙂

“No matter how dreams may seem unreachable, dream them anyway.  No matter how we’ve been hurt by the people we love, love them anyway.  No matter how hard life is, live it anyway.  No matter how prayers may seem unanswered, pray them anyway… for GOD WILL MAKE A WAY.”

P.S. When I started this blog, I was working for my now-former company for 4 months.  Imagine, THIS post is my 100th post!  Who would’ve thought that I would embark on another “unemployed” journey after 2 years, 9 months, 5 days, and 100 blog posts?  Hahaha!  Anyway, The Lady is now out! 😛


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