Jobless, Moneyless, but Still Full of Looove!

Last week, I got into a fight. So let’s skip the “love” part first. Haha!

It wasn’t really a physical fight, more like a “war of the words” with a person who has no purpose in life whatsoever. Excuse the negative comment at this point because he didn’t have the right to insult me. Yes, it’s a “he.” An old male person who has totally lost my respect and who I decided to completely write off of my life forever. I’ll call him D.O.M. — stands for Deranged Old Man! Period.

What happened? In the first place, we’re not close. At all. I don’t give a damn about him and his life and I don’t talk to him — so you can say that he has no right to comment about me and lecture me about what I should do with my life. He’s not my parent, he didn’t raise me, heck like I said, I avoid having conversations with him because doing so would just be a complete waste of my time. Besides, at his age, the life he’s living isn’t really something worth emulating so maybe he should comment about his own life first and the way he should live it. So when he called me something offensive behind my back (at least he thought I didn’t hear him), he totally crossed the line. All those years of trying to ignore him all boiled down into one bloody exchange of words. Swearwords included. Damn. Call me someone who stooped down to “his” level, but whatever. Minsan, nangyayari talaga yun sa buhay. #GalitNaGalitLang talaga ang naging peg ko.

Who he is and what he said that ticked me off, I will not disclose to you anymore. What I’m willing to tell you is what he commented on: my unemployment once again.

Yes, I’m unemployed once again. But before you judge me (like what D.O.M. did!), at least know the story first.

D.O.M. thought that I’m not good enough, that I couldn’t keep a job because of lack of skills or whatnot, and that I’m not destined for any greatness in this life — WITHOUT knowing anything about what really happened. All he knew was that I was at home that day. All he was, is, and will forever be = one judgmental person.

Well EXCUSE ME, I know what I’m capable of and I know how to make the most out of my skills — I’m just unlucky these days career-wise, that’s all.

The truth: our team got laid off. Hence my career-hunt AGAIN for the past few days. Wish me luck!

You see, we can’t really get EVERYTHING we want. I want a writing job (bonus if it pays well!), along Ayala Avenue, with normal office hours AND a team composed of great people.

Guess what? I got all that and more in my latest job. For the first time, I even found myself calling it a long-term “career” and not just another day job because I loved everything about it so much, I already saw myself working there for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, God has other plans for me and my teammates. So after working there for years and months (them); 17 days (me), we all had to say goodbye to our beloved company and to each other. #LongStoryMadeShort #StillCoping 😥

So yeah. Right now, I’m JOBLESS, I’m MONEYLESS, but I can still feel luuurve all around me. (And it’s not just because Valentine’s Day is around the corner! Hahaha!)

Love for writing

About six months ago, I was writing a draft post entitled, “The Question I Still Haven’t Found The Answer To.” At that time, I think I was referring to what I really wanted to do for the rest of my life.

I kind of wrote that there will come a point in your life when money won’t be a major factor anymore. There will come a point in your life when PURPOSE will be what you’ll finally seek for. I’m not saying that I don’t need money because I do. I really do. Heck, who doesn’t? I don’t think even Bill Gates will ever say that he doesn’t need it. Because he will, maybe for his business and not his personal life, but he needs and will always need money.

The point is, I’m just more drawn to another thing these days: PURPOSE. The kind I’d be willing to be paid less than expected because I know that I’m doing something worthwhile. I found that purpose in WRITING. 🙂

I admit, I may not be the best writer in the world, but I know that it’s something I believe I’m good at and enjoy doing both at the same time!

So I can say that I’ve Already Found The Answer to The Question. I now know that I want to write, write, write, for the rest of my life. The only follow-up question is WHERE???

Now, that, I still haven’t found the answer to yet again. So help me God! Wahahahaha!

Love from my family

I’ve already said once, twice, for the nth time that my sisters are truly my biggest IDOLS and INSPIRATIONS. And that when all else fails (i.e. experience retrenchment), I’ll ALWAYS have THEM! And that — THAT is something no one, as in NO ONE, can ever take away from me! True THEN; true NOW. Click HERE and HERE. Haha! 😉

Love FOR and FROM Paul

Just because I’m experiencing bliss in my love life, my work life should suffer? Ganun-ganun nalang, Universe?! Well, I refuse to give in to that whole you-can’t-always-get-what-you-want thing in this department. I want HAPPINESS in both my love life and my work life!

And so far, everything’s getting better and better everyday just because Paul‘s always there by my side. So thanks, hon! I love you!!! :*


Aahhh. Blogging truly is still “therapy” to me. Imagine, I’ve been trying to control all my emotions this past week and writing has been my answer. It truly never fails me.

When I decided to create this post, I didn’t really have a main point (so I apologize for the ramblings!). All I wanted to achieve was feel a little better and unload myself of this “excess baggage” I’ve been carrying lately. I say, mission accomplished! Thank God for WordPress! 😀


But most of all, thank God for LOVE. ♥

2 thoughts on “Jobless, Moneyless, but Still Full of Looove!

  1. Miks..simula pa lang yan ng mga trials pero alam ko makamit mo din ang mga pangarap mo (am I even writing this in perfect Tagalog? 🙂 just making you smile). basta, you have much potential so reach for the stars! screw those who say shit…and they’ll never stop…believe me madami pa ma-encounter mong ganyan but you have to stay strong (and i know you will 🙂 goodluck and enjoy mo lang! 🙂

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