The Date Diaries: 24 and More…

So… I’m 24 now (since almost a month ago)! I’d like to say that I’m wiser but for the most part, I think I just got the “older” part from that known saying. Hahaha!

Anyway, I missssssssss blogging. Like I couldn’t emphasize on that more! BLAME INSTAGRAM!!! Chos. 😛 So to kind of bring my blogging momentum back, I thought of a new “project” that aims to keep me motivated to blog, blog, blog — similar to my travel blog project (which is still on-going, by the way!).

And I think you already have an idea of what it’s all about (read: TITLE). And yeah, I decided to add a new category on this blog of mine: THE DATE DIARIES!!! ♥ (Sorry, mushiness included! Wahahahaha!)

I still owe this blog four entries after this one so to meet that self-imposed requirement, I’ll “document” (NOT “review”) ALL the places my boyfriend Paul and I have been to for the past year and beyond… which is kind of timely, too, since our ANNIVERSARY is already this month! Alam naaa! ♥♥♥

For the past year, we’ve eaten and hung out here, there, and just about anywhere in the metro (which kind of shows in the 17 or so pounds I gained! HA HA HA), and I just realized that I haven’t documented even one of those moments on this blog! 😐 This used to be myyy preciouusss (Gollum-style!), but Instagram got the best of me! =)) But of course, better late than never! So to kick-start this whole thing, I made a list of all the places we’ve been to that I could remember and from there, divided them into “themes” (meganon talaga?!). So… enough explaining.

And more on DOCUMENTING! 😉

We’ll start with the most recent memorable one:
my 24th birthday! 😀

The actual day was a Friday, so Paul and I decided to have it after work. Since both of us were already in Makati, we decided (or I did! Haha! Sorry na, birthday girl eh!) to have dinner somewhere in Greenbelt and ended up at TWG.

Happy Birthday tea and Christmas Lights tea :)

Happy Birthday tea and Christmas Lights tea 🙂

We ordered two kinds of tea that went well with what we were celebrating and with the current season: the Happy Birthday tea and the Christmas Lights tea — seriously! This was just my second time to dine at TWG, but I’ve to say that their tea blends do bring out the tea lover in me (minus the milk! Haha!). Plus, their names are no doubt interesting! So far, I like all of the tea blends I’ve tried and I can’t wait to try ’em all (which won’t be easy because there’s more than a hundred, I think). Of course tea wasn’t the only thing you can order here, they also have main courses and desserts.


For the second time around, I ordered the Chicken en Brochette and Paul had one of the new seafood dishes — which name I completely forgot! As for the dessert, we ordered French macarons that went perfectly with our tea blends. Tea drinking and macaron eating? Sign me up forevah!!!

After feasting on all that, I convinced Paul to watch a movie with me: She’s The One, starring Bea Alonzo and Dingdong Dantes! Mwahahahahaha! Sorry, boyfriend. We’ve got to admit though, the movie was really entertaining and funny!!!

But before all that, I found out that Paul originally planned to surprise me to a hearty buffet in a five-star hotel located in Pasay (ehem! #sweet), but then I told him that we could do sooo much more with the amount we’d spend in just one night of lamon fest! Hence, the AWESOME BIRTHDAY WEEKEND that followed! Ayiieee!

The following day, Saturday, we were off to The Mind Museum! 🙂

The Mind Museum

The Mind Museum

The Mind Museum

I’ve been wanting to go here since the day it opened and I’m so happy I was finally able to do it — and the fact that I was with Paul made it extra special! Heehee.

Once we entered the museum, we couldn’t help but be giddy with excitement to try the different interactive displays… which lasted for a little over three hours. Definitely kids at heart! Hahaha! But you can’t blame us because it’s truly a place where SCIENCE COMES ALIVE — from biology to natural science to physics and mooore! We were also lucky to experience one of the “traveling exhibits” (meaning, it’s in the museum for a limited time only) called Da Vinci – The Genius, which showcases Leonardo da Vinci‘s inventions and whatnot.

But after a few hours of reminiscing our elementary science classes, we were starving! It’s a good thing that the museum has a snack shop called Kyle’s Lab, where we had “octodogs” (hotdogs cut like octopus) and other kiddie snacks. But of course, that wasn’t enough (especially since it was already way past lunch time) so we decided to eat someplace else.

And that’s when we headed to Early Bird Breakfast Club. Yay!!!

Early Bird Breakfast Club

I “discovered” this restaurant through my most favorite blogger Patty Laurel-Filart. And guess what, by some crazy twist of fate, Patty and her friends actually arrived in the restaurant a few minutes after Paul and I took our seats! How lucky could I be?!?! Of course I didn’t have the courage to approach her (this is the third time I’ve seen her in person!) since I know that that was a “personal” affair for her. I guess better luck next time to me… again! They say it comes in threes, right? Haha!

Since I’m following her on Instagram, I see her posts from time to time. And on that particular day, she posted a video that featured me and Paul as EXTRAS! Wahahahaha! Check it out:

Mika and Paul on a blurred screenshot from Patty Laurel-Filart's video, uploaded on Instagram =))

Mika and Paul on a blurred screenshot from Patty Laurel-Filart’s video, uploaded on Instagram =))

Of course I took a screenshot! This is the closest thing I have with my idol blogger noh! Kaya pagbigyan niyo na’ko. #Fangirl din ‘pag may time! 😛

Anyway, let’s talk about the restaurant again. 😉 Early Bird Breakfast Club is a place where you can have breakfast food ALL DAY, everyday! I heard that during weekends, they’re even open for 24 hours. Awesomesauce!

So for our lunch date, we tried the following dishes: Yin and Yang Champorado, Viva Longganisa, and French Toast Fondue. And ALL receive a two-thumbs up from me and Paul! We can’t wait to go back and try their other dishes and drinks (especially the Harry Potter-inspired Butterbeer!)

Top right- Viva Longganisa; Bottom left- Yin and Yang Champorado; Bottom left- French Toast Fondue

Top right- Viva Longganisa; Bottom left- Yin and Yang Champorado; Bottom left- French Toast Fondue

Then after spending almost our entire day in Taguig, we went back to my beloved Manila and spent the rest of the day at Robinsons Place Manila. 😀  Paul and I frequent this mall for most of our weekend dates since it’s in walking distance from my house. We just decided to grab a quick dinner at Recipes then as much as I didn’t want to, we already called it a night… Then again, I couldn’t thank my boyfriend more because upon dropping me off at home, a big smile was obvious on my face knowing that this awesome birthday weekend did happen and is mine to relish for the years to come!!! ♥


For now. =))

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