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Hey-a friends! 🙂

So guess what? My craziness has attacked again, which kind of led to another “light bulb moment.” Remember my travel blog project which I just suddenly started two years ago? Well, I’ve got a new blog project in the works…

Except this time, I’m going to write about books, books, and MORE BOOKS!

But WHY, you might ask?

Unleashing the book blogger in me
Three words: I. love. books! And I bet most of you do, too! 😉

Be it fiction or non-fiction; from historical to young adult (YA), to self-help and even biographies, I enjoy ’em all! (The only genre I really can’t stand is horror. Sorry.)

And I think it’s about time that I let my opinions about them be finally heard read! Hence, this first step in my book blogging career. Chos! Career talaga? Haha!

Anyway, it’s also timely because of my latest Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) experience (I’ve been attending for almost four years now) — which resulted to *NEW* books for me to read and yes, finally REVIEW!

I created a special page for my book reviews, which you can check out by clicking here. 😀

Of course it’s still “under construction,” heck, I still even have to find my standard review format but for now, I just want to inform you that starting from this very post, The Lady Is In is already on its way to becoming a semi-book blog. “Semi” being the operative word because you know, I’ll still be writing about my other loves: beauty, food, travel… and anything in between (which includes my reviews) — it’s pretty much my blog header! Wahahahaha!

You know what I mean. So I hope you’ll join me in this new blog project of mine!

Sometimes a wordsmith but always a bookworm (meganon?!),


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