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Last month (or shall I say “last year”? Haha!), I was able to attend a very “blissful” event called Blog : Inspired (How to Blog with a Purpose & a Mission).

(photo courtesy of Share Movement's Facebook page)

(photo courtesy of Share Movement’s Facebook page)

The event was actually a blogging (obviously! 😛 ) workshop made possible by Share Movement‘s Jam Pangilinan and‘s Martine De Luna (who also happens to be the blog coach of my personal blogger idol, Patty Laurel! #starstruck)

with Martine and Jam :) (photo courtesy of Share Movement's Facebook page)

with Martine and Jam 🙂 (photo courtesy of Share Movement’s Facebook page)

I’m actually fond of attending workshops (I consider them intangible personal “investments”), but what made this event stand out from the rest was the fact that it donated its proceeds to Joseph Feeding Mission (JFM).

The session was started by Jam, who told us the whole the story behind JFM. And for someone who admitted that she’s into photography more than speaking in front of an audience, her introduction was really something because it really opened my eyes to the current situation of our brothers and sisters in need. 😐 Good thing there are people like her who thought (and continue to think) of ways to help those in need in their own special ways.

After that blissful intro, it was Martine‘s (the “bliss maker” herself) turn to inspire. 😀

I won’t dwell on the details anymore just in case you plan to attend a blissful blogging workshop in the future… but this, I’ll tell you. In that “crash course” on blissful blogging, I learned three main things (and more!):

  • There’s more to blogging than just “promoting” something.

These days, blogs have become important marketing tools for different companies and whatnot. And there’s nothing wrong with that. After all, we’re at a time when social media is slowly becoming a “necessity” already, regardless of age (okay, maybe 1 to 92 only! Or maybe not! Haha!). But are we sure that we’re blogging because it’s really our passion? Are our blog posts inspiring our readers or the complete opposite? Worse, do our blog posts NOT make them feel anything at all? As in blah, nada?

Simply put, there’s more to blogging than being used for marketing purposes. Sure, with the rise of “celebrity bloggers,” it’s natural for them to get endorsements here and there. Who doesn’t want that, right? If I were to have a site partner or sponsor, I’d be really delighted! But at the end of the day, we have to make sure that we stick to the “original purpose” on WHY we started blogging in the first place.

For me, that’s WRITING. I wanted an outlet to express my thoughts and “practice” my God-given talent, as well as inspire people along the way. With or without endorsements, I know that I’ll continue to do this. 🙂 And I may still have a long way to go in honing my chosen craft and passion (push lang ng push even if I feel like I’m starting to get rusty at it!), but hey, that just makes my whole “writing” journey all the more fun! Heehee! DIBA?!

(photos courtesy of Share Movement‘s Facebook page)

  • I’ll never get tired of learning (or re-learning) things and meeting new people.

And that’s why I love attending workshops! 😀

When I attended Blog : Inspired, I’ve already been blogging (though not consistently) for several years already. But it was only during the workshop when I re-learned what blissful blogging is all about.

The best part? I got to meet new people (my fellow attendees) who share the same yearning as mine, as well as gained new “life pegs” — Jam (for her passion in feeding the hungry — not just hungry for food, but hungry for the Lord too!) and of course, Martine (for her “blissful blogging” advocacy and others; know this, she turns down event invites if she feels like that doesn’t go hand-in-hand with what her blog’s all about).

(photos courtesy of Share Movement‘s Facebook page)

  • Generosity goes a long way.

Like I mentioned earlier, proceeds of this event benefited JFM. 🙂 But of course, the entire success of this event wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for the generous enterprises that made the entire session more exciting! I, myself, brought home some goodies. As Jam said, everything’s just connected. We paid for the workshop, the proceeds went to JFM, but each participant still got to bring home something — all thanks to the generosity of others, too! Isn’t that amazing? Generosity does go a long way, and I hope and pray we continue to “pay it forward.”

You can check out the complete list of the event’s partners/sponsors by visiting Share Movement‘s Facebook page or Martine‘s blog. 😉

(photo courtesy of Share Movement's Facebook page)

(photo courtesy of Share Movement’s Facebook page)

I really hope YOU could attend a future Blog : Inspired session, too, one day. 🙂

Thanks again to my fellow attendees, Jam, and Martine!

(photo courtesy of Share Movement's Facebook page)

(photo courtesy of Share Movement’s Facebook page)

 Indeed, this whole blissful event has made me very much inspired. #BlogInspired 😉


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