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How to Apply for a U.K. (Tourist) Visa in Manila

How to Apply for a U.K. Visa in Manila

It’s no secret that I have an upcoming trip to the U.K. Some may think that I’m bragging, but to be honest, I’m just REALLY, REALLY, REALLY EXCITED!!!!!!! My family, boyfriend, and close friends know this. As an Anglophile, I’ve always dreamed of going to the U.K. Heck, I’ve dreamed about this trip since I was seven years old! Yes, almost 20 years in the making!!! I’ve even expressed my Anglophilia on this blog many times, two of which are this post, AND this post where I wrote the following words:

Honestly, I want to go to only two European countries: ITALY and of course — being your resident Anglophile and all that — THE UNITED KINGDOM. 😉 If I’m able to go to the rest, I won’t complain! But I’ll just consider those as my “bonus.” For me, Italy and the U.K. are my “all or nothing” when it comes to traveling to the EU (yep, even the Eiffel Tower takes only third place!). But, and a BIG BUT at that, I told my sister that if we’re going to those aforementioned countries, we have to go to FlorenceMilan, PisaVerona, Venice, and Rome ; England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Uh-huh, syempre the whole Italian and English package dapat noh!!! 😛

Based on that alone, you already pretty much have an idea where I’m planning my next great adventure! Haha! But yep, I wrote that way back in 2012. Come to think of it, this blog itself is U.K.-inspired! Where else did you think I got the idea of “Lady”? The British Aristocracy, of course! *ahem, ahem* So to be honest, if you think that I’m being mayabang or something (hahaha, a friend of mine could relate!), it’s none of my business. My true friends know that I’m NOT, anyway (marami rin siguro sa kanila ang nauna nang nakapunta dun, so they can relate!). In fact, I know that they’re truly, madly, deeply happy for me!!! Mwahahahahaha 😛

Rambling aside, let’s get down to business. If you’re a Filipino and you’re planning to go to a country outside of Southeast Asia (SEA), chances are, you’re required to have a visa. As of this year (2016), Filipinos can travel to only 61 countries visa-free (and some of those countries don’t even have direct flights from Manila, so you might still need to apply for a non-visa-free country’s transit visa! nyek!). Someday, I’ll be able to blog more about my firsthand experience on the visa processes of other countries. I’ll get there — WE will get there — someday… For now, I can only give you my firsthand experience on applying for a U.K. Tourist Visa in my hometown, Manila, Philippines! 😀

FIRST, complete your documents (original and photocopies). I’ll divide this into two categories: the required and the others.

The required documents are only three actually:

  • application form (more on this later)
  • valid passport (for at least 6 months from date of travel to the U.K.)
  • 2 photos (45mm high by 35mm wide, with cream or grey background) — your local Kodakan probably knows this already, so don’t worry!

The others, or what you call your supporting documents. ALL SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS ARE REQUIRED TO BE PHOTOCOPIED. Basically, these are the things that will help you “convince” a consular officer that you have strong ties to the Philippines  (a.k.a. hindi ka magtatago sa Inglatera dahil may babalikan ka sa Pilipinas!) and that you have enough funds for your trip. Since the British Embassy in Manila is document-dependent when it comes to their visa applications (unlike other embassies that require personal appearance/interview), I believe it’s crucial that you really don’t lack any of the following:

  • proof of previous travel (i.e., passport stamps)
  • bank statements or payslips (for the last 6 months)
  • certificate of employment (or proof of business/self-employment, whichever applies to you)
  • booking details/itinerary (it’s not really advisable to book your airfare/accommodation without having a visa first, so make sure that your bookings are not yet final to the point that you can’t refund them anymore)
  • others (any other document that you think might be helpful to your visa application)

SECOND, accomplish the application form. In order to do so, you need to create an account first from this site. Once you already have an account, log in and then start filling it out. It’s really not that complicated. The only heads-up I can give you is to remember your travel history for the last decade! Yes, for the last 10 years! So start backtracking those old passports and their stamps as early as possible…

THIRD, pay for the non-refundable visa fee. The short-stay visit visa is GBP85 or around PHP6,300 (as of February-March 2016). That’s usually valid for six months. The other visa types are priced differently, so better check the U.K. Government’s official site about visas for more info on those. Also, you might be needing a credit card for this. I don’t think they have a bank deposit option (or maybe I just overlooked that one).

FOURTH, book an appointment (through VFS Global). Once you accomplish the form and pay for the visa, you will also see the option there for booking an appointment. However, know that the appointment you’re making is for submitting your documents to VFS Global. VFS Global is “hired” by British Embassy Manila (and other embassies) to collect documents of visa applicants so that applicants don’t need to go to the Embassy itself.

FIFTH, appear at VFS on your appointment date (and have your photo taken and fingerprints scanned). Our appointment was the earliest (7AM), so this was pretty fast. From the time the doors opened until they closed as we exited the building, it took us around 30 minutes max! The only heads-up I can give you are about the TRAVEL TIME and ADDITIONAL FEES. (And oh, the photo they will take using their webcam is the one that will be used on your visa! The 2 copies you will submit are for your application form only. I didn’t know this before, so obvious naman sa visa photo ko noh?! Hahaha! So yeah, make sure you look your best during that time! Anyway…)

VFS Global’s office is in Makati, so plan your routes ahead especially if you’re going to be stuck in the “morning rush hour.”

The additional fees, on the other hand, are optional and only offered for more convenience, so it’s up to you if you’ll avail them. You’ll be asked if you want your passport (and original documents) delivered to you for PHP500, and if you want to receive text updates of your visa status for PHP150. To be honest, I paid for both (a total of PHP650), but I haven’t received any text update — not even one! Hay! So yeah, the only convenience there was the delivery of my passport (with the visa, of course!), right at my doorstep! (But if you don’t want to pay a fee for the courier delivery, you can also opt to pick up your passport at VFS Global. Just coordinate with them).

SIXTH, wait for your passport (hopefully, with the visa!). The normal processing time is 15 business days, but I received mine just after 10 days from the time of our appointment date. YAY!!!

SEVENTH AND LAST (but definitely not the least), ENJOY YOUR U.K. TRIP! But that’s another blog entry altogether! So until then! Hahaha!

Have you tried applying for a U.K. visa in Manila or elsewhere? How was it?
Let me know what you think! 🙂


27 thoughts on “How to Apply for a U.K. (Tourist) Visa in Manila

  1. LizaFromManila says:

    Hi! I just went to my vfs appointment kanina. It was weird that the vfs personnel who collected my application didn’t get my passport picture which was part of the requirements. I even asked him again and di na raw kailangan. I don’t know, probably the biometrics photo will be used? Now I’m super paranoid because the first two times I’ve applied I’ve always submitted a photo apart from the biometrics picture taken at vfs.

    • Hi Liza, they use the biometics photo for the visa. I think the passport photos are just used for the application form/s. Still, it was weird that they didn’t get the photos from you. I guess just wait and see for updates from the British Embassy. Good luck! 🙂

      • LizaFromManila says:

        Thanks mika! I found something on the website of VFS SG that since March passport photos are not required if you’re submitting biometrics. Baka Manila is slowly adapting that as well. So I guess I can breathe a sigh of relief now. Hehe

  2. Retch says:

    Hi Ate Liza, I’m going to apply for UK Visa and have my holiday in England for 6 months. I’m going to visit my friends there and stay in my friend’s house in Norwich. She’s going to support me financially, food when I get there, plane tickets, visa fee, (siya na daw bahala lahat) and and willingly give her documents to me if needed. It says, one of the required documents is bank statements and certificate of employment, Wala po akong bank account, nagstop po ako for awhile in college, babalik sa University next year, and unemployed po ako. Do you think they can still approve my visa? Is there any tips you can give me po? Please.

    • Hi Retch! First of all, it’s Mika. Haha. Anyway, the thing with any tourist visa is you always have to prove that you have strong ties to your home country (in your case, the Philippines). By ties, it means may babalikan ka sa ‘Pinas. Or ano yung reason para bumalik ka sa ‘Pinas. And it should be a compelling or strong one. Since you’re a student, maybe you can just give a document authorized by your university assuring the embassy that you’re on LOA and will be enrolling next year. However, I’m pretty sure they’ll question the length of your stay. 6 months is a long time to visit a “friend,” so maybe you can shorten it. You can also try looking for freelance gigs online, so you can show them that you make the most out of your free time by earning on your own at hindi ka lang umaasa lagi sa iba. Hope this helps! Good luck! 🙂

  3. Pingback: How to Apply for a (Tourist) Visa for Ireland… if you’re in Manila! | Wordy and Worthy

    • Hi, if you’re referring to submitting a document that proves your financial capacity (such as bank statements, etc.), yes. BUT make sure it’s really YOUR money. I never agree with “show money” wherein you just borrow another person’s money and put it in your bank account just to “show” that you have money #ATM (at the moment). I find it fraudulent — and when it comes to visa applications, trust me when I say that consulates/embassies find out if there’s any “fraud” in your application. Besides, if you can’t afford the trip, better not go at all. I suggest you save up first, then apply. 🙂

  4. penguin says:

    Hello, Our family wants to travel to UK and Ireland as well. How many months po you allot for your visa application in UK and Ireland? I have read your Ireland Visa application and it took you 6 weeks to get your visa.

  5. Ken says:

    Hello Mika,
    Is it okay to submit only bank certificates, and not the bank statements? They have this new online application,, and after filling out the form they provide a checklist. In this checklist they mentioned bank statement / bank letter / balance certificate. So I suppose bank certs will do. However, this checklist is different from what VFS provides in their website – and here they only mentioned bank statements. I understand that the one from the online app is the most recent and updated, but it’s VFS who will collect (and assess) the supporting documents. So I’m confused, and I am afraid that VFS might say that they need bank statements and not bank certificates. (VFS also has this optional service of checking your application and the supporting documents, and you have to pay for this! Would you have any idea about this service?) Thank you very much!

    • Hi, I’m not so sure about their updated policy but when I applied for a visa last February 2016, I submitted only a bank certificate.

  6. Hello Mika,
    Thank you for this blog! I applied for a UK visit visa last Tuesday May 16, 2017. My appointment was at 7:15 am. We were allowed to go upstairs at 6:50 am and my application was done by 7:30 am. The process was efficient! They did not take my documents’ photocopies as well as my passport size ID picture. Bags are now also allowed inside the UK VFS centre. I availed the courier service for P525 but you can also pick up your passport, the sched is M-F (2pm-4pm) only.

  7. Hi Ms. Mika, just want to know if there is a contact number of UK embassy? My application get to refused the payment thru online using my visa card. Is there any way of payment except for online payment (like bank payment etc.) Your reply will be so helpful. Thanks!

    • I don’t think so. Unless, of course, the UK Embassy already changed their visa procedure and requirements. So it’s better to ask them directly.

  8. Maria says:

    Hi Mika! Did you submit any BIR Registration or ITR during your application? I have been doing a lot of reading for my UK visa application and saw some blogs about providing such documents.

  9. Gladys A Tamsing says:

    Hi Ms Mika. Planning to go Apr 25 – June 2. Port of entry UK and Exit Rome. UK (3 nights), Ireland (5) nights then me and my friend (resident of Ireland) will go to other schengen counties. what can you suggest, i will get the visa first sa UK, then Schengen via Italy and Ireland? Is it ok to process by December the UK visa? My only problem is i will travel to Japan by Feb 3 – 8. Hope you could give me feedback. Thanks!

    • All I can say is for the UK visa, it’s recommended to apply at least 3 months before your trip (the processing time for the actual visa application is around 10 days); for the Ireland visa, the processing time is 2 months; the Schengen visa at the Italian Embassy, the processing time is 1 month. So it’s up to you how you’ll plan your travels accordingly. Good luck!

  10. Giselle Sison says:

    I just wanna ask coz I am planning to visit my boyfriend in UK this december and celebrate christmas with him and his dad but I am having a bit of problems, i have no sponsor i am now worried how much do i need on my bank account if I am staying at their house but not going to sponsor my visit? this is also going to be our first time seeing each other, please advise 😦

  11. Hi mika,
    I have friend there in uk and he invited me to visit there of his place and he promise me to give all what i need if I’m there..he willing to pay my visa and plane ticket..I have my back account coz I’m working 2 years in kuwait and I tourist also in Saudi 4 problem how to apply tourist visa in uk and where in manila..can you help me how to apply a tourist visa?

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