The World (TRAVEL)

Go Wander, Mika!

I used to say that when I travel, I’m already content with collecting memories and blog entries. The former still applies today. But the latter? Let’s just say that for almost two years now, my travel stories were “told” only on Instagram! Hahaha!

I want to change that now. And though I won’t be blogging in real time, I will once again collect and preserve my travel memories by blogging/writing about them. 🙂

I just have a few missed travel-related entries (after all, I don’t travel that much, and the oldest probably goes way back in 2014), but I’m committing to still writing about each and every one of them even if they’re that old already. Besides, memories are forever!

To give you a line-up, here are some of the places I will write about THIS YEAR:

  • Bangkok, Thailand (2014)
  • Baler, Aurora, Philippines (2015)
  • Bacolod, Negros Occidental, Philippines (2016)
  • Pangulasian Island, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines (2016)
  • Guam, United States (2016)
  • England, United Kingdom (2016)
  • Scotland, United Kingdom (2016)
  • Dublin, Ireland (2016)
  • Boracay, Aklan, Philippines (2016)
  • Taipei, Taiwan (2016)
  • Hanoi, Vietnam (2016)

And those are just the places that involve plane rides! I will, of course, also write about those places I’ve been to that are not that far but still left me with awesome memories (such as Villa Escudero! HA HA HA). And yes, there are my FEATURED TRAVELERS, too!

But before you think that this little corner of mine in the world wide web is going in the direction of becoming just. another. travel. blog — STOP. I refuse to call my blog a travel blog. This is still a personal blog; it just so happened that TRAVELING has become a big part of my year — which makes it worth writing about! (Read my header?).

So yeah, I’m giving myself until December of this year (my personal writing deadline) to blog and write about the aforementioned topics. The next time I’ll log into this blog and post a new entry will be in July. Siguro naman wala na’kong excuse para walang masulat by that time!

Having said that, CONSIDER THIS A BLOGGING HIATUS. Yun lang naman talaga ang point ng post na ‘to. Haha.

If you want real-time posts, though, I’ve just publicized my Instagram once again. Snapchat, too. I use wandermika for both.

It’s more of a command, really.  A command to myself.

“Go wander, Mika!” is how I see it.

And that’s what I’m about to do now: WANDER. So until then! 😉

2012. WANDERing in Siem Reap, Cambodia

2012. WANDERing in Siem Reap, Cambodia


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