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#PassionProject: Metallic Gems & Crafts by MGC

Passion Project: MGC

Sooo. Just a little over a month after I attended my first ever jewelry making workshop, here I am with my own brand: Metallic Gems & Crafts — or in short, MGC (which also happens to be my real name’s initials, so go figure!). Haha.

Some of my contacts on social media might be wondering what my “handmade accessories” posts are all about. WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT. Am I starting a business? (Maybe) Am I still employed? (Hell yes! I still work at my dream workplace, and I wouldn’t trade anything for that!!!) So the best answer for now is probably being in THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. Heehee! But even before you call me a businesswoman or an entrepreneur (two labels I’d like to be called someday!), I want you to know that NOT YET. Simply put, this whole thing is still in its early stages, I’m still enjoying the whole process of it rather than focusing on profit, and so I prefer to call it a PASSION PROJECT.

I’ve always loved jewelry, fancy or real, and if I were to connect the dots backwards, everything would make sense. I just needed one push to make me realize that creating jewelry through my own hands is something that I really enjoy and something I can benefit and learn a lot from.

I’m still in the “experimenting” stage wherein I’m still sourcing materials from different suppliers (and figuring out which ones deliver quality raw materials and stick with them), playing with my designs (I’m glad people from my “target market” are already appreciating it), and just getting the hang of the whole business side of this (inventory, labor, pricing, etc. WHEW!). I’m a “one-man show” in this endeavor, and although it’s a little exhausting at times, I’d like to keep it that way for now. If this were going to be my “future company,” I’d like to have overall control of it as early as now! Wahahahaha!

Currently, I’ve decided to offer four items (see below), all CUSTOMIZABLE, all handmade and handstamped by me. Of course the raw materials (metal blanks, chains, etc.) are already sourced from suppliers, but I still do all the cutting, shaping, and definitely the designing. Even down to the filing of the edges and bending of metals, I do them myself! So yes, my products are still guaranteed made by my own two hands and made with love — albeit not “perfect.” Like I always say, if you want perfection, go for machine-made accessories that are definitely more expensive (and frankly, not that unique because they’re mass produced most of the time). In handmade, perfection is overrated. In the crafts industry, it’s all about passion, artistry, and the perfectly imperfect but still beautiful execution of each crafter. If you can’t appreciate that, you’re most likely not part of our target market anyway, and that’s okay. 😛

MGC products

Clockwise from top left:
customizable EARRINGS, customizable NECKLACE, customizable CUFF (thin or thick), and customizable CHARM BRACELET

Now that you know where I’m coming from and where MGC is at this stage, please understand if I only accept individual orders (no bulk orders yet at the moment), or if I only ship within the Philippines for now. Don’t worry though, I still have big plans for my brand, but those won’t likely take effect until next year.

For this year, I’m inviting all my fellow female Filipino millennials to take advantage of my introductory prices and watch for what I have in store in the coming months!!!

MGC xx

“May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us — yes, establish the work of our hands.” ~Psalm 90:17

To inquire or order, click HERE.

Thanks for being such a gem! ❤


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