About the Blog: Why “Wordy and Worthy”?



  • I’m WORDY, as in I love the written word — and most of the time, I write with a lot of words! 😛
  • I’m WORTHY, as in I know and believe that I deserve THE BEST — the same as how the Lord sees me as someone worthy of His perfect love. So do YOU. So does everyone else!

*This blog was previously named The Lady Is In, so
don’t be surprised to see traces of that here!


One word: my MILLENNIAL LIFE! Unlike other blogs out there that have specific themes (i.e., fashion), this blog is about LIFE in general; MY LIFE in particular! Okay, I write mostly about whatever floats my “millennial” boat (books, business/passion projects, faith, travel, etc.), so let’s put it this way. I’d like to call my blog a LIFESTYLE/PERSONAL BLOG! 😉 Having said that, be prepared to read about ANYTHING — anything worth writing about, of course! But since I own this blog, I’ll be the judge of that! Haha!

“Lady Mikhaela Georgette” by Teresa Wee Sit

To know more about ME, click here.

2 thoughts on “About the Blog: Why “Wordy and Worthy”?

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