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2016: The Year of Wonder, Wander, and Faith

2016. WANDERing in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

2016. WANDERing in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Ever since I started posting year-ender entries on this blog, I’ve always been amazed on how each post serves as a reminder of how blessed, at the same time, how humbled I was for the year that was ending, as well as on how each post serves as a “guide” for the year that’s about to start. Each year-ender post has its own unique “highlight” which I try to reflect on (“try” being the operative word! haha!) before hitting the “publish” button.

And this year, it’s WWFWonder. Wander. Faith. (not World Wildlife Fund, although I totally support that too!) 😉


If there was a year that made each person on this planet scratch their head in wonder or because of WTF moments, it’d probably be 2016! Just take the “current events.” From the never-ending wars and struggles in some countries to the results of local and international elections, to Brexit, to a controversial burial, etc. — it seemed like everyone WONDERed (at least those that I know!) what the eff was happening to the world!!!

But you know, even if I don’t agree with some of the things happening now, I still believe that everything happens for a reason — just continue to pray and keep the faith that it’ll always be for a good reason and for the greater good! “Bad” or for personal interests just won’t cut it! But yes, it has truly been one big “WONDER” for all of us this year!


As I’ve mentioned in a social media post earlier this month, 2016 was my second “travel year” — the time when I travel as much as I can using my own hard-earned money and making the most out of my work leaves and holidays. The last time this happened was in 2012 (four years ago!) when I found myself traveling to Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei in January; Bohol and Cebu in April; Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and Siem Reap, Cambodia in May; and Hong Kong (for the nth time!) in June.

my 2012 "travel year"

my 2012 “travel year”

This year, it was extra special because I was finally able to achieve one of my lifelong dreams: travel to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (in short, the UK!) ❤ For those who are close to me, they know that I’m such an Anglophile (and British Royal Family fanatic!) and going to the three “lands” (England, Scotland, and Ireland) was really one big dream come true for me!

Wander Mika's second "travel year"

Wander Mika’s second “travel year”

But aside from that, I also went to other places I haven’t been to before (and two places I’ve been to before — can you guess which?! haha)

Anyway, it seems like my “travel year” happens every four years! So if I follow through with that pattern, my next “travel year” will be in 2020!? It’s highly likely! Like I said, one of my “secrets” on how I can go on travel sprees is pacing — which you can read all about HERE.

But you know, even if my travel years happen rarely just like the Olympics, I make it a point to travel at least ONCE A YEAR during my non-travel years. So yes, I will still travel in 2017, but not as frequent as I did in 2016! Wahahahaha!

Aside from the literal travels, though, the “wander” part of this entry also involves other things that unleashed my inner “Wander Mika” — my yearning to pursue my “impossible-turned-possible” dreams without really knowing what the future holds, but guaranteed with lessons to be learned! Hehe! This year, I also “wandered” in…

  • Starting a business

In July, I attended a basic jewelry making workshop without really knowing that it will lead to what it is today: Metallic Gems & Crafts by MGC — MGC being me! But connecting the dots backwards, it’s not that surprising because I’ve always loved all kinds of jewelry, fancy and real, and I realized that I just needed the right push to finally make it a passion project/business. So that “own a business” item on my bucket list? Consider it check! check!! check!!!

handmade, handstamped, and custom-made metal accessories by moi!

handmade, handstamped, and custom-made metal accessories by moi!

  • Registering a new domain name

In the first half of this year, I’ve rebranded my blog from The Lady Is In to Wordy and Worthy (WAW). I came up with the WAW theme more than a year ago actually, and I’m just really glad that I finally had the guts to “publicize” it, even name my blog after it. Why Wordy and Worthy? The answer is HERE! Hehe!

In fact, a few months after I decided to rebrand this blog, I got a prompt that it was my 7th blog anniversary on this site. And to commemorate that, I also officially registered the domain name WordyAndWorthy.blog (yes, dot blog — which WordPress proudly started!). So whether you type that or my main domain name, MikhaelaGeorgette.com, either way, you’ll still end up HERE on my little happy place on this big, big worldwide web! I do this whole blogging thing mostly for myself and no one else (so yes, even if nobody reads it, I’ll still continue to do it), so despite that, I want to thank you for still taking the time to read (hopefully you get something meaningful in whatever post you end up reading, btw! haha)!!! 😀

7th Blog Anniversary last December 9, 2016

7th Blog Anniversary last December 9, 2016


And of course, the highlight of my year: my renewed self and relationship with the Lord!

Most people would probably think that my travels this year are the most memorable in my 2016 “life” book. But to be honest, you’d be surprised to know that my travels take only second place. The first place goes to the silent retreat I attended at the start of December. 🙂

In the last few months of 2016, I “struggled” with my faith. No, I didn’t become an unbeliever. After all, I know that I believed, believe, and will always believe in God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The struggle I encountered was more of not being satisfied with my then “walk of faith” that instead of working harder to find my “answers,” I chose to become complacent instead. I knew that I still had the belief, but I thought that was enough. I started missing Sunday masses, almost became tired of praying, blah, blah, blah. In short, I had a lot of “excuses” — deep inside, I knew I could do more, but the enemy really was trying to make me believe that my then state was okay. My soul, as per one of the novena intentions in the Divine Mercy Chaplet prayer, had “become lukewarm and indifferent.” It could also be called sloth or something else, but the bottomline is, there was a struggle, and it sure as hell was very real!

But you know what, God really works in mysterious ways. Sometimes, things happen in our life — good things and unfortunately, bad things — as God’s way of waking us up from our ungodly way of life. This meme here from the Internet pretty much sums up what I realized:

5/7, I think.

5/7, I think.

To make the long story short, after that beginner’s silent retreat (which lasted for one entire weekend), I came out renewed and refreshed. That’s what you call soul searching! The real kind! Not traveling!

Of course I’m still human, there are still struggles in bettering my ungodly way of life, and changes for the better don’t happen overnight. But the important thing is, I’m more discerning now than before. For example, if someone has wronged me, my initial reaction before was to blow up in anger (either obvious or hidden), think of revenge, and pretty much anything that’s opposite of being Jesus-like. Now, when someone has wronged me, I still feel anger (again, it’s a human thing!), but I already take a step back, think that if I stayed angry, the only person who would be dragged down by that anger would be me and not the one I’m angry at, PRAY, and then I would slowly start to relax and release the anger — even forgive, not just the one who wronged me, but also myself.

I’ve also started reading the Bible again (which is why my social media contacts can now often read Bible passages/quotes on my feed/timeline!). In my current walk of faith, I still chose to belong to the Roman Catholic Church and supplement it with the guidance of the Light of Jesus family (e.g., Brother Bo Sanchez‘s ministries, The Feast, etc.). This is my personal choice, and each person has his/her own walk of faith, but in Catholicism/Christianity, reading God’s Word is really a must!

And again, God has reminded me that He really just “woke me up” this latter part of the year because when I saw a photo of me from seven years back (see below), I realized that reading the Bible has always been a “me” thing. I just really kind of lost my way.

Featured in Candy Magazine, July 2009 issue

Featured in Candy Magazine, July 2009 issue

So yeah, I guess now, you can say that I was a lost daughter that has been found — AGAIN. It’s easier said than done and the whole thing’s a process, but yes, I realized that it’s not impossible to feel inner peace despite all the outer chaos happening in my life. It’s really just all thanks to Him!

And there you go. 2016 has been a year of wonder, wander, and faith FOR ME. Life goes on this coming 2017. I’m grateful for all the lessons I learned, learn, and will learn along the way! As I mentioned in another social media post, in this journey called life, my own definition of “wandering” is living without knowing the future. This kind of wandering is continuous. And that’s where FAITH comes in. Luckily, in this wandering of mine, I always have the best travel buddy: God.

"Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance." -James‬ ‭1‬:‭2-3‬

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.” -James‬ ‭1‬:‭2-3‬

So yes, in all that I’ve been through this 2016 and all that I’ll go through this 2017, to God be the power, kingdom, and glory!!!

2016, signing off…

short hair_wacky

HAPPY NEW YEAR, friends!

Let’s all start 2017 with peace, joy, and of course, looove! ❤

Money (and Crafts)

Aluminum, Brass, and Copper: The “ABC” of Metals

The "ABC" of Metals

After dealing with metals for quite awhile now (thanks to my mini business, Metallic Gems & Crafts by MGC), I’m still amazed with the things I’m learning here and there about the stuff! Sometimes, I even think that I could pass as “Magneta” — you know, the female counterpart of X-Men‘s Magneto? Haha! All because I’ve started to fall in “like” with all kinds of metals!!!

So for the benefit of my past, present, and future clients, or for those who are simply interested to know, there are many kinds of metals — there are the BASE ones like brass and copper; the PRECIOUS (and expensive) ones like gold and silver; the REACTIVE ones like aluminum and titanium; and the WHITE ones like pewter and tin. [More information on metals can be found here.]

My ultimate goal is to be a legit alahera (think mikAlahera — there I said it! Mwahahahahaha!), in the sense that I finally add precious metals to my list of products. But while that’s still in the making, I found myself enjoying working with some base and reactive metals. It all started with brass (a base metal) when I attended a jewelry making workshop a few months back. Little did I know that I would also enjoy working with aluminum (a reactive metal) and copper (another base metal).

But before you think that that’s it, you haven’t even heard of gauges (g) yet! In a gist, gauges simply represent how thick the metal is. The lower the gauge, the thicker the metal. Since everything in my mini biz is handmade, handcut, and handstamped by ME, I prefer working with 20g on average. The thickest gauge I’ve worked on is 18g, and that really hurt my hands when I cut it! (But you know, business is business!). The thinnest I’ve worked on is 24g, and I realized that the hole punch pliers I used worked better with that gauge. If it’s a thicker metal, I prefer using a screw down hole punch to put holes on it.

Anywaaay, like I mentioned, I work with the ABCs for now. And here’s why:

Aluminum – I like aluminum because it’s light, it doesn’t tarnish, and it’s a cheaper alternative to silver. My aluminum products are made of 18g to 20g, depending on the type of jewelry.

Brass – It’s the first metal I’ve worked with, and I like that it’s a cheaper alternative to yellow gold. However, just like yellow gold is more expensive than silver, brass is also more expensive than aluminum. Also, it tarnishes — but wipe it with a metal cleaner/polisher, and it’ll look as if it’s new again! My brass products are made of 20g to 24g, depending on the type of jewelry.

Copper – For the rose gold addicts (just like me), copper is our best bet that won’t put a dent on our wallets. BUT that doesn’t mean that it’s cheap. It’s actually the most expensive in my line of products (compared to aluminum and brass), so I only produce it in limited quantities or for pre-order. And just like brass, it tarnishes — but again, nothing a metal cleaner/polisher can’t fix! My (limited) copper products are made of 18g to 24g, depending on the type of jewelry.

From top to bottom: thick aluminum cuff (20g), thin brass cuff (20g), thick copper cuff (18g) - all available and customizable at Metallic Gems & Crafts by MGC

From top to bottom: thick aluminum cuff (20g), thin brass cuff (20g), thick copper cuff (18g) – all available and customizable at Metallic Gems & Crafts by MGC

Now that you know about the types of metals I use, I think it would now be best for you to check out my order form. Wahahahaha! Seriously though, I hope you learned a thing or two about metals, especially the ABCs that I personally use — Aluminum, Brass, and Copper. 🙂

Money (and Crafts)

#PassionProject: Metallic Gems & Crafts by MGC

Passion Project: MGC

Sooo. Just a little over a month after I attended my first ever jewelry making workshop, here I am with my own brand: Metallic Gems & Crafts — or in short, MGC (which also happens to be my real name’s initials, so go figure!). Haha.

Some of my contacts on social media might be wondering what my “handmade accessories” posts are all about. WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT. Am I starting a business? (Maybe) Am I still employed? (Hell yes! I still work at my dream workplace, and I wouldn’t trade anything for that!!!) So the best answer for now is probably being in THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. Heehee! But even before you call me a businesswoman or an entrepreneur (two labels I’d like to be called someday!), I want you to know that NOT YET. Simply put, this whole thing is still in its early stages, I’m still enjoying the whole process of it rather than focusing on profit, and so I prefer to call it a PASSION PROJECT.

I’ve always loved jewelry, fancy or real, and if I were to connect the dots backwards, everything would make sense. I just needed one push to make me realize that creating jewelry through my own hands is something that I really enjoy and something I can benefit and learn a lot from.

I’m still in the “experimenting” stage wherein I’m still sourcing materials from different suppliers (and figuring out which ones deliver quality raw materials and stick with them), playing with my designs (I’m glad people from my “target market” are already appreciating it), and just getting the hang of the whole business side of this (inventory, labor, pricing, etc. WHEW!). I’m a “one-man show” in this endeavor, and although it’s a little exhausting at times, I’d like to keep it that way for now. If this were going to be my “future company,” I’d like to have overall control of it as early as now! Wahahahaha!

Currently, I’ve decided to offer four items (see below), all CUSTOMIZABLE, all handmade and handstamped by me. Of course the raw materials (metal blanks, chains, etc.) are already sourced from suppliers, but I still do all the cutting, shaping, and definitely the designing. Even down to the filing of the edges and bending of metals, I do them myself! So yes, my products are still guaranteed made by my own two hands and made with love — albeit not “perfect.” Like I always say, if you want perfection, go for machine-made accessories that are definitely more expensive (and frankly, not that unique because they’re mass produced most of the time). In handmade, perfection is overrated. In the crafts industry, it’s all about passion, artistry, and the perfectly imperfect but still beautiful execution of each crafter. If you can’t appreciate that, you’re most likely not part of our target market anyway, and that’s okay. 😛

MGC products

Clockwise from top left:
customizable EARRINGS, customizable NECKLACE, customizable CUFF (thin or thick), and customizable CHARM BRACELET

Now that you know where I’m coming from and where MGC is at this stage, please understand if I only accept individual orders (no bulk orders yet at the moment), or if I only ship within the Philippines for now. Don’t worry though, I still have big plans for my brand, but those won’t likely take effect until next year.

For this year, I’m inviting all my fellow female Filipino millennials to take advantage of my introductory prices and watch for what I have in store in the coming months!!!

MGC xx

“May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us — yes, establish the work of our hands.” ~Psalm 90:17

To inquire or order, click HERE.

Thanks for being such a gem! ❤