I Don’t Really Sing, But I Had To… for a Good Cause!

T’is the season to be jolly, and merry… and most all, GIVING! 🙂

And so to to keep this short and simple, I’ll go straight to the point: PLEASE VOTE FOR US!!!

Yes, vote for my “group” called The Time Jumpers.

What are we and WHAT do we do have we done?

Well, we simply created our own music video, covering T. Swift‘s latest hit. But most importantly, WHY?

Here’s the answer:

“Every child has the right to proper education.”

That’s why for several years now, our company has been helping young people achieve their dreams through the gift of education. Hence, the birth of Food for Hungry Minds School (FHMS).

Year after year after year, our company has been instrumental in feeding these hungry minds. Since 2001, FHMS, together with other corporate sponsors, have provided quality education to disadvantaged children from “depressed areas in Manila, namely Paco, Pandacan, San Andres, Sta. Ana, Leveriza and Bulacan.”

Employees have momentarily become actors, singers, dancers, mimes and musicians, proudly showcasing their talents in exchange for raising money.

This year, “SUS!NAVPasikat” is a music video competition where several groups of employees choose a song of their liking and create music videos, with them doing the legwork from dancing and singing, to storytelling and styling, down to the editing and marketing. As a company, we aim to raise Php600,000.00, enough to send 24 kids through secondary school.

We are members of the AOps (Airline Operations) and Product teams, collectively called The Time Jumpers.

If you enjoyed what you just watched, do vote for us. Tell the person next to you, your family and friends to do the same. Tell everyone you know that when you vote, when we all vote, be it one or many, we slowly but surely satisfy the hungry mind.

To know more, please visit their website:

Now that you know the WHAT and WHY, now’s the time to let you know WHEN and HOW. Voting is only until December 17, 2014 (Wednesday) and to buy tickets (there’s a raffle!), simply e-mail me at mikhaelageorgette@gmail.com

Tickets are priced for as little as PHP50 (or a little over one US dollar), and it doesn’t matter whether you’re from the Philippines, the United States, or anywhere in the world. Just let me know if you’re interested to “help.” Like I said, all of this is for the benefit of FHMS. 🙂

So to let you decide whether or not you’ll vote for us, here’s our video:

The Time Jumpers‘ version of
Taylor Swift‘s “Shake It Off”

And to convince you more (hopefully!), here’s more:

Our long but hilarious BTS footage

If you’re not convinced, you can always check out other groups’ entries by clicking HERE. After all, we all share the same goal. 🙂

Wishing you a Happy Christmas
and reminding you to “shake it off” whenever life requires you to,


A Re-introduction

Well HELLO there! 🙂

So I’m back. I’ve been attempting to “resurrect” this beloved blog of mine for quite some time now, and I’m proud of myself for having the guts to FINALLY start again. “Start” as in finally type anything just so I can gain my blogging momentum back — using my very old laptop that hasn’t even seen the light of day for a very looong time (read: I’ve had it since 2008, it’s still running on Windows Vista, and it can’t even support Internet Explorer 8 — which I only found out today when I tried to upgrade it! That’s how #oldschool it is! Hahaha!).

Anyway, if you’ve been with this blog journey of mine from the very start, you probably know that I’m fond of wordy posts with pictures. Sometimes, there aren’t even pictures. So if this is your first time to visit my blog, consider that a heads-up that this is no fashion/photo blog. Hehe.

And speaking of “themes,” you’ll notice that I’ve updated my header with what I’d like to focus more on this time around. Bear with me if it looks makalat, but that’s because I did it myself and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 😉 Of course this is still a PERSONAL blog but to give you a gist, The Lady Is In 2.0 will now focus more on these categories:

BEAUTY – anything and everything that makes life beautiful, but mostly this is about the latest makeup/skincare products I’m loving.

FOOD – restaurants, food crazes, even my not-so-occasional French macaron and milk tea indulgence. Enough said.

TRAVEL – three words: My. Featured. Travelers! (Click HERE.) I’ve started this little blog project in 2012 and since then, I try my best to look for people with wanderlust who are willing to share and also allow us to “travel” through their experiences. So if you know someone (or it can be YOU), please let me know. 😀 Aside from that, this category will also include my own travels — from little discoveries within the metro to the-now-elusive international trips, to the-more-frequent staycations and the like!

Aside from those three, I’ll also post book/movie reviews from time to time. 🙂

And that’s pretty much it. To all my friends who’ve told me that they miss my “blogging,” thanks so much and this is for all of you. To all my new readers (and friends), WELCOME! I hope you’ll be convinced to join me in this new blog journey of mine. In the meantime, you can check out my blog history on the right sidebar and read some of my previous posts (while I start to type the next blog entry after this one!).

Back in the blogging business,
Mikhaela Georgette