About Mikhaela Georgette (or MIKA)

About Mikhaela Georgette

Mikhaela Georgette (or Mika) is a millennial (she has the same birth year as Taylor Swift! haha!) who blogs about her (Roman Catholic) faith and travels (among other things).

She has a degree in Consular and Diplomatic Affairs from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, and took up her Master’s Degree (but opted not to take the thesis part! haha!) from De La Salle University — wherein she was able to study a short course (an elective) in Creative Nonfiction. Currently, she creates handmade metal accessories through her mini business/passion project called Metallic Gems & Crafts by MGC, volunteers for The Feast — a weekly Catholic prayer meeting by the Light of Jesus Family or LOJF, founded by Bro. Bo Sanchez, and also works full time at her dream workplace, a foreign mission based in Manila, Philippines (hint: ironically, it is NOT related to the U.K. Haha!) — and yes, she has always been interested in THE WORLD. Let us just say that she “can talk about CASHMERE and KASHMIR” (which by the way, is a line she borrowed from a friend) and has been privileged to travel with her family and friends.

She loves all kinds of jewelry and milk tea, the colors green and pink, history, books, movies, royal families, traveling, and writing. Speaking of ROYAL FAMILIES, she has developed this particular fascination with the British Royal Family ever since she was young and because of that, she loves EVERYTHING that has something to do with the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland — from British pop culture to their flag. This was also where this blog’s former concept (The Lady Is In) rooted from. She opted for “lady” because “princess” was just too much of a dream already.

She is not exactly sure when her passion for writing started, but she can remember being a bookworm ever since she was a child. She used to be a Contributing Writer for a local teen magazine, wherein she was able to write articles and blog entries from time to time. This blogging stint was put to a halt in 2009 to make way for a new batch of contributors — ergo, this blog you are reading now.

But more than all those things, she is a follower of Jesus Christ. In fact, she defines “wandering” as living without knowing the future. And that is where FAITH comes in. Thankfully, she has the best “travel” buddy: JESUS. She prays that you find Him in your own journey, too! 🙂

Having said that, she welcomes you to her blog and wishes that you may have some happy reading.

Cheers, mates!

To God be the power, kingdom, and glory always!!!


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