Books/Stories I Wrote

I’ve always dreamt of writing and publishing my own book, fiction or non-fiction, but I still have yet to finish one! Haha! So far, I’ve already joined several fiction writing classes, and the end goal was to finish writing and publishing a book. Although I haven’t been successful on reaching that end goal for now, I’d like to share with you that I’m still currently working on a new contemporary romance novella! #romanceclass2016

Wanders of the Heart

"Wanders of the Heart" by Mika Chiong

cover art by CJ Alayon


P.S: #romanceclass is a community of Filipino romance authors. I love reading books (more so if written by fellow Filipinos!), and that includes the romance genre, too! Like I said, I’m in the process of “finishing” my very own #romancelass story, but in the meantime, please support the published ones already (both indie or self-published AND traditional).

P.P.S: But lately, I believe my calling is to write a non-fiction book. We’ll see! 🙂