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Family Night

February 18, 2012.  My family and I attended a thanksgiving dinner for our grandparents’ joint death anniversary.

We love you Lolo Joe and Lola Vic! Rest assured, you’ll forever be in our hearts!!! ♥

It started with a Mass…  then dinner…  and of course, ENTERTAINMENT courtesy of The Executives Band! 😀

My Tito Hector and cousin Julius Sanvictores are actually part of the aforementioned band, as well as one of my favorite bloggers, Cara Manglapus — who also happens to be the only girl member-slash-vocalist of the said group.

The Executives Band

The Executives Band’s Cara Manglapus

That night, I was also lucky enough to have finally met her.  (Thanks to my cousin Julius for introducing us!  Haha!)

another “fangirl moment” for me! =))

Check out Cara‘s blog HERE.

And of course, who can forget our much needed “cousin bonding!”  One just tied the knot, the other WILL also tie the knot within the year, and then another one just got engaged too!  Sooo, hindi naman ako masyado na-prepressure ng mga pinsan ko noh?!  Oh well.  HA HA HA

Anyway, meet my beautiful and handsome cousins!  And along the way, guess who’s who! 😛

Couples’ Corner ♥♥♥

After our thanksgiving dinner, we made the most of our “bonding time” by deciding to go to a spa across the street.  Spontaneous Moment #1.

at Babaylan Spa

Babaylan Spa‘s second branch is located at Scout Tuazon, Quezon City.  You can avail of their full-body massage for only Php450.  But if you prefer a quicker way to relax, you can opt for a foot massage (Php300) or foot spa (Php350).  Aside from the fact that it’s open from 9-2am (yes, 2AM!!!), I love Babaylan Spa for its location.  Let’s just say that its location is where I had most of my childhood memories, and THAT place will forever hold a special place in my heart JUST BECAUSE. 🙂

And if that wasn’t enough, we all decided to drink MILK TEA in the wee hours of the night (read: 2am)!  We went to four different milk tea places along Tomas Morato but unfortunately, the first three milk tea places we went to were already closed.  Luckily, we found SerendipiTea!!!

(photo courtesy of My SerendipiTea)

My SerendipiTea = milk tea fix at 2am!

Visit My SerendipiTea‘s Facebook page here.

And that was our Spontaneous Moment #2. 😉  Ah, one of the good things about spending time with my cousins: SPONTANEITY.  We may not have the chance to meet as often as we want to but when we do, it’s something I always look forward to!  So there.  See you next time!  (And I do hope it’s SOON, too!!!)

The Lady is now out!
😀 😀 😀


“Lady Mikhaela Georgette” by Teresa Wee Sit

The Lady’s Header

I’d just like to say thanks to Ms. Teresa Wee Sit (or simply Tet) for making this LOVELY and WONDERFUL artwork (she only used paint!) for my blog. 😀

I don’t just like it, I LOOOVE it!!! ♥

Mi Familia y Mi Amigos

Meet Kevin.

Kevin is my 15-year-old cousin from Sacramento, California. 🙂  He can actually play the drums, guitar, ukulele, and of course, piano!

Kevin and I when we were still kids (circa 1999)

The other day, I asked him to play a piano cover of my “LSS” (Last Song Syndrome) for the past few days — “Without You” by David Guetta featuring Usher, and I think he nailed it:

As you can see, ni hindi nga siya gumagamit ng piyesa (sheet music)!  I say that’s pure talent! 😀

And here’s another favorite of mine:

Find Kevin on Facebook and Twitter.

Anyway, he actually has a YouTube account and I highly encourage you to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE.  He has more covers showcasing his musical talent there, and you can check them out here.

Who knows?  With talent like that, I believe Kevin has the potential to be the next (social media) “sensation!”  And when that happens, well…  don’t say I didn’t “warn” ya! 😉