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Why Blog, You Ask?

I’m no expert blogger.  You can call me a “hobby blogger” or whatever.  But me, I’m simply a “blogger” — no need to precede it with any adjective found in the dictionary.  I’m simply just a person who enjoys rambling for I just can’t keep my thoughts to myself.

…except with THIS, I use a computer! =))

A blogger.  A simple blogger.  (And there goes the adjective!  Hahaha!)

Anyway, THIS “simple blogger” can seriously say that BLOGGING is for EVERYONE.  And since overgeneralization is in vogue nowadays, heavens yes — that includes YOU! 🙂

So why?  Why should there be more <insert adjective here> bloggers in the cyber world?  Well…

Blogging is…

…a form of “therapy.”  Whether you’re angry, happy, sad, IN LUUURVE, or just plain bored, blogging can help you!  Well, at least that’s what it does for me.  Expressing your feelings through words is, no doubt, therapeutic.  If you’re not convinced, the only way to prove that is to TRY IT.  So go ahead, blog away!

…a “time capsule.”  Aside from ALWAYS thinking of topics that may interest your readers, why not just document how your day went.  It can be as simple as going to a mall and then suddenly bumping into an old friend you haven’t seen in years, or it can be as grand as traveling to Antarctica where no one else has been to except for scientists (oh yes you can!), blog about it.

A picture can PAINT a thousand words.  But a blog?  Aside from already having pictures, a blog can SHOW exactly your feelings through words.  It can show how you felt on that exact same day you went to the mall or traveled to Antarctica.  Plus, it’s easier to “go back in time” through your “archives” widget, don’t cha think?  Heehee.

Blogging can give you…

…improved (writing) skills.  I may not be a big shot in writing, I may not be friends with J.K. Rowling (which sucks ’cause I hear she’s even richer than the Queen!), I may not be a Freshly Pressed blogger here on WordPress (are you hearing this WordPress?!  Haha!), but I get to be “published” with just a click of a button!

On top of that, there’s no pressure.  I don’t have to worry about what my editor will say or what errors I will commit.  I don’t even have to get disappointed when my “marketing strategy” fails for not having enough hits on one blog post.  Why?  ‘Cause I’m ALL that when it comes to my blog.  I edit it, I proofread it, and I “market” it (thanks Facebook and Twitter).  Most importantly, I “learn” every time my fingers get in touch with my keyboard.  Count them together and I already have a total of FOUR SKILLS I was able to improve just by blogging.  So if you’re in need of a budding editor/proofreader/marketing assistant/learner, just give me a call, will ya? 😉

And oh!  Before I forget, some people have actually been telling me that there’s a big improvement in my writing skills (yay, another improved skill!) compared to the way I wrote in one of my previous blogs — all thanks to the never-ending “lessons” I get, one blog entry at a time.

…followers.  In the form of your stalkers readers, of course. 😛  Kidding aside, whether they’re your family, friends, colleagues, or even strangers, be appreciative for being appreciated.  After all, they took the time to read what you typed for hours.  Bonus is if they LIKE what you typed, too!

So to you my dear readers, A BIG THANK YOU!!!

…self-fulfillment.  Aside from being read by others, you should also think of YOURSELF.  In the first place, you blogged because of YOU — yourself, and YOU.  Your readers, number of likes, comments — those are just icing on the cake.  Your actual “cake” should be blogging just the way it is.  The way you were able to finally let all those thoughts out.  Fulfilling?  Most of, if not all the time, YES!

…the meaning of passion.  If you don’t call something-you-keep-doing-because-you-enjoy-it-thoroughly-even-though-you-don’t-get-paid-for-it A PASSION, then I don’t know what that is!  ‘Nuff said.

Through blogging, you can inspire others in your own little way.

I’ve had some people (okay, less than 10 but more than five peeps) tell me that they’ve been inspired to blog because of my blog.  THIS blog — this very blog you’re reading right now.  (Whew, that’s plenty of “blogs” in one paragraph!)  Anywhooo…

For me, that person was Patty Laurel.

Like I’ve mentioned, I’ve been blogging even waaay before I thought of “being a lady,” but I still wasn’t THAT into it.  But when I stumbled upon Idol Patty‘s blog, I knew that she was the “push” I needed to go all the way.  So thanks, Patty Laurel — thanks for inspiring me to blog!

As for you, yes YOU!  As in the one reading this post — I hope you get to be inspired, too. 🙂


So why should YOU blog?

Honestly, you’re still the only one who can answer that.  I’ve already told you my reasons…  and if you don’t see any point in them, well, that’s really not my problem anymore.  I say (for the nth time), to each his own.

At least I get to do something I enjoy.  Heck, I can even choose any adjective I want to describe my form of blogging. Question is, do you get to do the same thing?

Oh what the heck, you don’t even have to answer that!  I say, START BLOGGING NOW!!! 😀

Your resident Lady blogger,
Mikhaela Georgette 🙂

(At the end of the day, I still settled for being called The Lady!  KCACO.)

Don’t just Keep Calm And Carry On; also keep calm and BLOG on!

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The Great Megamall Adventure :))

I love malls.  However, I only go to those located in Makati (Ayala Malls and Power Plant), Manila (Robinsons Place), and Pasay (MOA).  Other than those malls are considered out of my “territory” if I may say.  So when Kanebo Philippines invited me again to another event in Megamall, I was so looking forward to a so-called “adventure!”  Oo, isang malaking adventure na para sa’kin ang magpunta sa Megamall!  Hahaha!

SM Megamall

Image via Wikipedia

Of course, no adventure’s complete without sharing it with someone!  So I asked one of my best girlfriends, Val, to go share this “adventure” with me. 🙂

Thanks, Val! ♥


The first stop of the “adventure” was the BEAUTY part = the Kanebo event.  Having said that, I’d like to take this opportunity to say thanks (again) to my friend Noriko Hanajima of Summit Media and Yannie Valencia of Kanebo Philippines. 😀

Thanks, Kanebo Philippines!!!

Anyway, Kanebo Philippines held a mall animation featuring their Kate line — which is already my favorite makeup line!  SWEAR!!!

photo courtesy of Kanebo Philippines

Plus, Val and I were able to get free makeovers courtesy of Kanebo PhilippinesSuzzanne Tan and more freebies!!!

Use Kanebo’s Kate line to “raise the impact of your eyes, face, and lips.” 😉

Aside from the Kate line, one of my favorite Kanebo products is their Freshel White C Mineral BB Cream.  I first used it two days ago, and I instantly fell in love with it!

I use the one in Natural Beige (but there’s also the Medium Beige shade) and for those BB cream junkies, this is definitely a MUST-TRY product!!!  Today, I’m glad I was finally able to own one whole tube (after receiving a free sample from the previous Kanebo event I attended!  Heehee.)

Moving on…

The second part of the “adventure” was the FOOD AND DRINKS part = Bubble Tea and Happy Lemon.  Since I don’t get to go to Megamall that often, I wanted to try “something” that can be found there, but not in the malls I frequent.

Okay, there’s a Happy Lemon branch at Power Plant but still, this was just my second time to try it.  AND my first try wasn’t even “happy!”  For some time, I wasn’t a fan of Happy Lemon because I got disappointed when I first tried their Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese.  I thought it was too overrated and tasted just like any ordinary iced chocolate.  But today, that changed when I finally tried their Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese!!!

Bubble Tea x Happy Lemon

 Oh well, to each his own.  But yeah, consider me a fan already.  HA HA HA

And the third part of our “adventure” was seeing our (former) officemates and lovebirds KC (with her family) and Leo at Megamall!  Stay in love, you guyysss. ♥

Good luck…

…and may we ALL finally find our “careers.” =))

Looking forward to my next MALL adventure,
Mikaaa 😛

Your resident Kanebo girl! 😉

Beauty and Wellness

A Beauty Affair To Remember

Last week, I was able to attend a bloggers event by Kanebo Cosmetics. 😀

the so-called VIP Beauty Affair 🙂

“LIKE” Kanebo PhilippinesFacebook page here.

Kanebo Cosmetics actually dates back in 1937.

“…The company entered the cosmetics industry in the following year [1937] and quickly grew to become Japan’s second largest manufacturer of cosmetics.  Kanebo Cosmetics products are now sold in 53 countries and regions around the world.

Kanebo Cosmetics spun off from Kanebo in 2004 as a company specialized exclusively in cosmetics.  In 2006, it came under the wing of the Kao Group, Japan’s largest manufacturer of household consumer goods…”  (To know more about Kanebo‘s Company Outline, click here.)

In fact, I remember that my mom used Kanebo waaay back when I was still a kid.  So yeah, you can say that it’s already a tried-and-tested brand for years — heck, even generations!  (Read: since the 1930’s.)

Anyway, Kanebo Philippines presented three product lines during the event: Impress, Kate, and Lunasol. ♥♥♥

I can say that Kate is more youth-oriented, while Lunasol is more high-end.

As for Impress, it “is a total anti-aging skincare product line for those who know the joy of keeping themselves refined.”  Obviously, it’s a skincare line — which was actually launched on the day of the event.

Here are some things from the press kit for me to share with you:

And can I just emphasize more on “KATE”?  As in Kate Beckinsale, Kate Winslet, and of course, KATE MIDDLETON!  Hahaha, just kidding!  But yes, KAAATE!  I already love the “name,” so having a whole makeup line named after it is just. plain. PERFECT!!!  At least for me, but you already know why.  Heehee. ♥

Kanebo Cosmetics’ KATE line 🙂

Of course cocktails were served, and I even gained a new friend — Poala!  Nice, huh?

a new-found friend + cocktails = awesome sauce! 🙂

And if that wasn’t enough, I got to bring home THESE:

Kikay stuff I brought home! Yay!!! 🙂

Aside from the name (haha!), I’m already loving the Kate blush (I got the RD-1) because it’s very compact!  It can easily fit into my bag and after months of searching for a new blush (yes, it’s been a long time coming), I think I finally found it — thanks to Kanebo‘s Kate line!

So a big THANK YOU to my friend Noriko Hanajima of Summit Media and Yannie Valencia of Kanebo Philippines for inviting me last week.  Looking forward to THE next event!  (Yes, there’s another one coming up!  Heehee.) 😉

Keep calm and (as Kanebo puts it) FEEL YOUR BEAUTY,
The Lady xoxo

To know more about Kanebo Philippines and where to buy their products,
click HERE.