Gathered Thoughts

“When Mika Met Harry…”

Yesterday, I blogged about my very own “Direction Infection.”

Today, I’ll be posting pictures of how my future husband and I will look like…

Mika and Harry ♥

HEP-HEP!  Before I get violent reactions from fellow One Directioners out there…  CHILLAX!  You can also pose beside any One Direction member by using FACEinHOLE. 😉

See what I mean?  You don’t only get to make your (day)dreams a reality, you also get to change your looks!  Haha!

Oh well.  I guess I still have to wait for the day when I’ll FINALLY meet Harry Styles in person…  but until then, there are my daydreams…  and yes, FACEinHOLE!

this is actually a baller design; click on the image to know how to buy one (or two!)

(baller design/photo courtesy of One Direction Philippine Merchandise)


miKAte Strikes Again!!!

What do you get when you combine MIKA + KATE?  Well, you get miKAte (pronounced as “mee keyt”)!  Wahahahaha, sabaw! =))

But seriously, ever since I discovered FACEinHOLE last year, I just couldn’t help wasting hours putting my face on different bodies when I’m bored!  Err…  that didn’t sound right, did it?  Hahaha!  Anyway, you know what I mean!  It’s for pure ENTERTAINMENT purposes only. 😉

And so, I present to you…

In cooperation with FACEinHOLE

Lady miKAte!

*all together now*

Pagpasensiyahan niyo na’po…  Isa yata ito sa mga naidudulot ng quarter-life crisis!  Mwahahahahaha!

In the meantime, also go crazy using FACEinHOLE by clicking here.

See you next time…

The Lady is now OUT! 😛