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Still COOKin’ in 2012!

“I’m sorry if it took us awhile to go back.”  He said during that night.  Or something like that.

Well, apology accepted!  After all, we’ve waited three years to see him again!  (By “we,” I’m referring to me, my Ate Fai, and the rest of his loyal followers since his Idol days!)

So who exactly am I talking about?  Why, David Cook, of course! 😀

The guy sure owns several guitars, which he used during his concert! 😉

It’s true, it did take him awhile to come back to Manila because when he first played for his Filipino fans, I still haven’t found my first full-time job, my sister just got married, and he shared the stage with his runner-up, David Archuleta!  In fact, I documented that epic concert in my previous blog, which you can check out by clicking HERE.

Whether it’s 2009 or 2012…

…my sister and I are definitely COOKistas! Haha!

Indeed, a lot of things have happened since 2009.  And now that we’re in 2012, these happened: I just resigned from my first full-time job, my niece is about to turn three years old soon, and David Cook (DC) finally decided to have a concert of his own!  But one thing remains: my undying love for his angelic-yet-powerful rock voice!

And speaking of his “angelic-yet-powerful rock voice,” have you gotten yourself a copy of his latest album This Loud Morning?

Well if you still haven’t, I suggest you go get one as soon as you can and turn to tracks like “Right Here, With You, “Fade Into Me, and “4 Letter Word.  Why?  Wala lang, those are my favorite tracks kasi!  Eh nagbabakasakali lang na pareho tayo ng taste in music!  Wahahahaha!

But seriously, DC‘s voice never fails to put a smile on my face!  If only I could describe his voice by using an adjective that is used to describe looks, “gwapo” would be the appropriate one!  Oh wait!  I did describe his voice like that once, twice, or thrice.  Whenever I listen to his songs, bigla nalang ako mapapasabi ng ang gwapo talaga ng boses niya!”  Hahaha!

I guess you just really can’t deny “talent” when you “hear” one! ♥

Always a David Cook fan, Mika 🙂

Marked on the Calendar, Mi Familia y Mi Amigos

The Swift Experience

Warning: this is an exclamation point-filled post ! ! ! 😀

February 19, 2011.  One EPIC night of a concert to remember!  Why? Well, si Taylor Swift lang naman ang pinanood ko! 😉

Taylor and one of her guitars

It all started last November ’10 while I was in Apulit Island Resort, Palawan when I called Ticketnet to reserve some tickets.  Because of my excitement, I called on the very first day tickets were sold to the public (there were two or three days of pre-selling for fan club members and whatnot) even though I was in the middle of the ocean quite literally — I was inside our water cottage!  Heehee.  Anyway, I was so ready to utter “Four Lower Box tickets, please!” to the operator but then that thought instantly faded when she told me that they’re ALL GONE!  — GONE!  AS IN GONE WITH THE WIND or GONEdammit! (Okay, that was corny.  Let’s move on.)  Sooo, I had no choice but settle for what’s next and just like that, four Upper Box A tickets were sold!  Booo ~

On second thought, last Saturday, those Upper Box A tickets redeemed themselves and showed me that we’re still lucky for scoring them! 😉  As for the concert itself, I have a lot of amazing, awesome, and other sublime words to describe it but mostly all I can say is “ANG GANDA!” for the past two days!

with my friend Ria (forgive my haggardness! haha!)

I went with my sister Patty and her husband (my brother-in-law) Mon and my friend Ria.  As mentioned, we were seated at Upper Box A and from our vantage point, we realized that the word “sold-out” is such an understatement (not to mention those who availed of SRO tickets!  Haha!)  Take a look below:

thousands of T. Swifter’s filled the Big Dome

To make the long story short, local celebrity Sam Concepcion started his front act performance on the dot and when he finished, it took about almost an hour before the star of the show showed herself.  You already know what happened next (Speak Now album, anyone?) 😉  Still, I have to say that even though  T. Swift’s concert lasted for only an hour and a half, it’s already the “Best Concert” in my list (next is David Cook’s back in May ’09).  She’s such a total performer and even the background effects were so charming!  Plus, nothing compares to the finale when she sang my favorite (hint: it’s related to the classic tragedy of William Shakespeare!  Haha! ;))

And that was of course my “cake!”  Just for sharing purposes, the “icing” on top of it was when we ate at Pizza Hut Bistro, Gateway around 11pm, went home, and on Sunday night, I realized that our digital camera was out of sight!  You guessed it right: I left it at Pizza Hut Bistro right after the concert and I can’t thank their staff enough for keeping it and my TS pictures safe and sound!  I already claimed it today (which meant going back all the waaay there, from Makati-EDSA-you get the picture!)  Whew.  So you see, such a  “Swift experience,” right?

C’mon, “It’s a Love Story baby just say YES!” ❤

that’s how Taylor Swift does it!