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Watch Mamma Mia, Go to Baguio

Sooo, I had another EPIC weekend.  And knowing me, I just have to blog about it — again!  But hey, this is a PERSONAL blog after all.  So what did you expect?  Haha!

Anyway, let’s start with ba-ba-ba-BAGUIO!!! 😀

My family and I went to Baguio for the weekend since my brother-in-law was already there anyway for a golf tournament.  We stayed at one of The Manor‘s family suites in Camp John Hay, and that’s where all the epic-ness started!

If you’ve been to The Manor (or Baguio in general), I think you’ll agree that the weather isn’t the same in Manila.  And when I say “not the same,” I mean it in a positive way!  I don’t know about you, but I’m actually a “cold person” — meaning, I looove anything cold, including the cold weather!  But if you want to interpret my being a “cold person” in a different way, that’s NOT my business anymore!  Go ahead, feel free to do so.

Hahaha! Of course, I kid! 😛

Moving on, here are some more shots of The Manor:

view from our room

Aside from savoring the awesome cold weather (I heard that it was 10 °C when we were in Baguio), I just practically took advantage of the fact that I could be a “bum” in my own right for at least a day.  So some of the things I did while in The Manor Baguio were watching DVDs (Bridesmaids and Chances Are — which by the way stars a very young Robert Downey, Jr.  So spell H-O-T!), eating, shopping at the outlet stores, eating, having a massage at the spa, and yes, EATING!  EATING!!  EATING!!!

two of my newest discoveries! HARHARHAR

Hay, kaya nakakarir ko ang pag-shoshorts sa Baguio eh…  eh pa’no, marami kasing baong “fats” ang legs ko!  (Read: mga pata!)  Wahahahaha!

jump shots! 😛

Well, ganun talaga!  Gotta love my cuuurves, people!  And yes, gotta take advantage of the cold weather I’m so deprived of while in Manila!  Kaya shorts all the way talaga!!!  HA HA HA

But seriously, if you’re planning to GO TO BAGUIO, stay at The Manor.  It’s ALL good!!!  I actually give it a rating of: FIVE HEARTS (♥♥♥♥♥)

And then… there’s MAMMA MIA!

The Lady’s outfit wouldn’t be complete without her favorite accessory – anything UNION JACK! Hehehe.

Speaking of the U.K., did you know that MAMMA MIA! The Musical is actually an original British production???  Ooh, plus!  plus!  points there!!! 😉

Anywhooo, I watched it last Friday at CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines) with my sisters and MY, MY, it was totally a very, very, lovely show!  Of course my ticket was the cheapest (tumataginting na Php772.50 lang naman), but who cares?  Nilibre lang naman ako eh…  magrereklamo pa ba ako?! =))

view from my seat… not THAT bad! Haha!

my “cheap,” but totally worth it ticket!

Besides… all those “accents,” all those witty lines, and all those wonderful ABBA songs?  Totally WORTH IT!!!  I actually plan on watching it again if I have the time… this time, with a more “expensive” ticket for a better view, and yes, a better “musical” experience!  Rawr!

But yeah, you and I have to hurry because the show runs until February 19, 2012 only.  We can cross our fingers and hope that it gets extended, but why depend on wishful thinking when you already have the power in your hands NOW?  At meganon talaga?!

Sabi nga ng ate ko,

Kung gusto niyo sumaya, manood kayo ng MAMMA MIA!

Oha, rhyming lang si a-TEH!  But it’s true.  If you want to be happy, head to CCP and WATCH MAMMA MIA! now!!!  I promise, it’s a rating of FIVE HEARTS and mooore (♥♥♥♥♥+++++)!

For more information on how you can buy tickets, click here.

♪ “…’cause somewhere in the crowd there’s YOU!” ♫

 Enjoooy! 🙂

The World (TRAVEL)

I am a FILIPINO. And I am FUN!

Our Department of Tourism (DOT) recently launched it’s new campaign, “It’s more fun in the Philippines,” and despite being controversial, I honestly think it’s great!  Because you know, it TRULY is more fun in my homeland — Pilipinas.  And you couldn’t be briefer and truer than that! 😀

Now for the (other) FUN part!  Aside from the Department’s official photos, there’s this site called wherein you can customize your pictures and add the “more fun in the Philippines” slogan on them.  I, for one, got crazy using it!  Here are some of my photos:

Taken at BORACAY, AKLAN (in fairness, ang sexy ko pa dito! Haha!)


Speaking of which, I highly recommend the EL NIDO RESORTS group!  Go visit their site and book your trip NOW!!!  You can also click here or check out my sidebar. 😉

The Lady was, is, and will always be a Candy Girl! ♥

So what’re you waiting for?


Marked on the Calendar, Mi Familia y Mi Amigos

Season’s Greetings!

*all together now*


Yes, IT’S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR once again!  And if you still haven’t noticed, even my blog is being one with the Season!  Heehee.  So let me take this opportunity to be one of the first peeps to greet you: SEASON’S GREETINGS EVERYONE!!! 😀

You see, the Christmas Season and I, we share a very deep, personal, deep, special, and DEEP relationship!  Oha, oha!  Wala nang lalalim pa sa relasyon namin ni Christmas!  Hahaha!  Kidding aside, I don’t know…  I just feel really HAPPY whenever this time of the year arrives. 🙂  It could be the nostalgia I feel that dates back to my childhood days…  maybe it’s the awesome, lovely, and special people I spend it with…  OR it could be the traditional lights and sounds show the city of Makati (my “work” town) showcases every year:

“Spectacular Spectrum” at the Ayala Triangle Gardens
happens every night, 6-9PM (until December 30, 2011).

Oo, ganito kami sa Makati! Hahaha!

Kahit ano pa ang dahilan, isa lang ang katotohanan: I. LOVE. CHRISTMAS!!!

So, in honor of my undying affection and love for the Season, I made a simple video (note: SIMPLE being the operative word! :P)  using “Christmas is” by Regine Velasquez featuring Jim Brickman as background music — which I consider one of the best Christmas songs ever made!  It truly captures the real essence and meaning of the Season! 😉

Please lang, panoorin niyo.  Effort din maghanap ng pictures at mag-edit sa Windows MovieMaker noh!  Wahahahaha!

Anyway, here are more pictures with SOME of the awesome, lovely, and special people I spend Christmas with:

with two of my sisters ♥

with my beautiful friends Camille and Tinah ♥

At akalain niyo, on this very same night…  during our dinner….  LOOK WHO WE SAW:

JOSE MARI CHAN in the house, yo!

If that’s not “Chistmas” destiny, then I don’t know what is!  Haha!

Having said that,

Christmas in Our Hearts, anyone?