Gathered Thoughts

“When Mika Met Harry…”

Yesterday, I blogged about my very own “Direction Infection.”

Today, I’ll be posting pictures of how my future husband and I will look like…

Mika and Harry ♥

HEP-HEP!  Before I get violent reactions from fellow One Directioners out there…  CHILLAX!  You can also pose beside any One Direction member by using FACEinHOLE. 😉

See what I mean?  You don’t only get to make your (day)dreams a reality, you also get to change your looks!  Haha!

Oh well.  I guess I still have to wait for the day when I’ll FINALLY meet Harry Styles in person…  but until then, there are my daydreams…  and yes, FACEinHOLE!

this is actually a baller design; click on the image to know how to buy one (or two!)

(baller design/photo courtesy of One Direction Philippine Merchandise)

Gathered Thoughts

This Thing People Younger Than Me Call An “Infection”

It all started with a link — a “tweeted” link, actually.  After that, I practically waited ONE week before I decided to post something about my entry’s focus for this day.  You know, just to make sure that what I feel is legit…  After all, “it” happened oh so fast — thanks to my friend Jeselle!!!


Oh yes, I needed ONE week to really convince myself that I’m indeed a fan of, none other than, One Direction (or 1D for short) 😀

But I have to be honest.  The first time I saw their music video on a local music channel, the first thing I thought of was:

“A boyband?  In the year 2012?!  Oh not again…”

And then I kept hearing their songs almost everywhere.  Nada.
And then I found out that they’re British.  Oh-kaaay…  but still not enough.
And then Jesselle finally sent me something on Twitter, telling me that the link she provided reminded her of me since I love everything British…

I watched it…  found them very charming…  and then realized that they were the same people on THAT music video I didn’t give much attention to the first time I saw it…

After pressing “replay” a few more times, watching related videos here and there, and basically spending more time on YouTube than expected (almost 6 hours!), I stumbled upon THAT music video again.  But unlike before, my eyes were finally glued to the screen, my ears were finally listening rather than hearing, and overall, I just saw “What Makes You Beautiful” in a whole new light:

That’s when it hit me.  I finally got the so-called “Direction Infection” — which usually affects younger people.  But hey, Jesselle and I can be the “exception” to this “infection!” =))

And of course, just like Ronan Keating (Boyzone) and Nicky Byrne (Westlife) from the nineties, I also have my eyes on a particular 1D member: HARRY STYLES. ♥

The other “Prince Harry” of England. Heehee. ♥

Watch the following video to know why Harr-eh‘s oh sooo “lovely” to me!  Gaaah~

Yes, One Direction was formed thanks to the seventh season of The X Factor (UK).
And yes, thanks to Simon Cowell.

To prove that I’m far from being “cured” of this “infection” (not that I want to be anytime soon!), I bought 1D‘s debut album in less than 24 hours of being “infected.”  Haha!

Of course, I bought the one with the “Harry” cover! ♥

I know, I know.  I’m already too old for this kind of stuff… but as One Direction “sang” it,

♪ “I don’t, I don’t, don’t know what it is, but I need that one thing…  And you’ve got that one thing.” ♫

Yes, I need THIS one thing…  whether you call it a crazy thing, fangirl-ing, and even an “infection,” only one thing‘s for sure: whatever THIS thing is, 1D‘s definitely the only ONE that’s got it!

And I don’t plan on doing anything about it, but simply ENJOY it while I’m still already not-so-young and not-so-beautiful.  Wahahahaha!  Heard enough of IT?  Okay, great! 😛

Gathered Thoughts

THAT Accent

Sobrang babaw ng dahilan but last night, I was literally SMILING before going to sleep.  Why?  Because I watched the interview of A1‘s Ben Adams with Boy Abunda.  It was already around 12:15AM, but I didn’t care — I had to finish the entire Bandila show just to watch a rare interview of one of my boyband member crushes that dates back more than a DECADE ago!!! 😉

So anyway, A1 is here in the Philippines because they have a concert tomorrow, February 25, 2012 (Saturday) at the Smart Araneta Coliseum with Blue and 98 DegreesJeff Timmons. 😀

Too bad I can’t find a copy of THE interview on the Internet, but I hope this video will suffice:

It’s all about THAT accent, yo! 😛

Sabi nga ni Karen Davila, kung may LINsanity na nagaganap sa mga panahong ito, pwes kagabi, namayagpag ang BENsanity!  Numero unong trending topic agad sa Twitter (Philippines) ang interview!!!

Seriously, what is it with THAT accent anyway?  I know it always “has” ME in that JerryMaguire-you-had-me-at-hello kind of way AND I know for a fact that I’m not the only one!  Most girls fall for it, too!

Honestly, if the Brits could think of using their “accent” as a form of a marketing strategy, it might just work — at least for ME!  I know this because I think I might just be getting A1‘s latest album…  thanks to THAT interview and yes, thanks to THAT accent!  Haha! ♥

So yeah.  UNFORTUNATELY for me, I won’t able to watch the concert!  Boo-hoo. 😦  But FORTUNATELY for me, I can always go to the nearest record store and buy THIS:

-Excerpt from the interview-

Ben Adams: Why do you think roses have thorns?
Boy Abunda: Because beauty is deadly!

(Meganon talaga Tito Boy?!  Wala na tuloy ibang nasabi si Ben kundi TAYNK YOW!  *in THAT sexy British accent of his* HA HA HA)

Oh well.  Gotta keep calm and carry on…
And oh, long live the Queen! 🙂

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