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BLUE and REDssssss

The celebration happened a week ago, but the actual birthday happens this week! 😉  Having said that, I just want to say HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend/featured traveler/fellow blogger CAROL!!!

Happy Birthday, C! ♥

But aside from that, one of the things that made that day blog-worthy was how we all looked like with our blue-and-red ensemble! =))

See?  How can you not “document” a day like that?  Hahaha!

And oh!  If you’re wondering WHERE this took place, it was at Diamond Hotel’s Corniche restaurant:

“…Corniche offers an exceptional breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet spread and an extensive all-day a la carte menu.  The buffet selection is composed of Asian, Western, Japanese, salad, and dessert stations, all meticulously prepared by culinary experts.  Featuring signature cakes and pastries for dining and take-out orders is a cake shop at the Corniche entrance.”

dessert > Mika!

That’s pretty much it.  I just had to make this quick and simple. 🙂  So again…

Happy Birthday, Carol!
May you enjoy your day (even though I know you have exams in law school!)

We love you.
I love you.

I still wish we had videoke, though. Haha, PEACE!!!

xoxo, M.

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Gotta Love A Travel-Themed Debut ♥

First of all, I’d like to greet the debutante, Rossell, a HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! 🙂

Ingenious theme; gorgeous debutante ♥♥♥

Anyway, the last debut I attended was more than three years ago…  and that was the debut of Rossell‘s Achie Minnie.  In fact, I also blogged about it on!  You can check it out here. 😉  Time flies sooo fast that I can’t even fit into the dress I wore for Minnie‘s cotillion!  Wahahahaha!

2008 and 2012 (don’t even mention the 30 lbs. I gained! HA HA HA)

Going back to Rossell‘s debut, it was truly a night to remember!  And based on this post’s title, you can already tell what its theme was: TRAVEL! ♥♥♥

Actually, Rossell‘s Achie Minnie was my very first featured traveler when I started my 2012 blog project — click here! 😀  So no surprise there at all because their family truly loves traveling.

From the invitation…

The Lady’s “passport” to Rossell’s travel-themed debut ♥

the stage…

Eiffel Tower, anyone?

down to the cake!

Talk about EDIBLE LUGGAGE!!!

Everything was truly lovelovelove.

Plus, I was able to catch up and DANCE (haha!) with friends I haven’t seen in a looong time!  Perfect night, indeed!

Special mention goes to my seatmates during that night: Stephanie, Bianca, and John!  Heehee. 😛

And of course, thanks to my friend Carol for my dress that night!!!

Thanks, C! ♥♥♥

And that’s it!  Once again, I’d like to greet Rossell a HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!  Thanks for inviting me!  From The Lady to another lady, may all your wishes come true and I wish you all the best in your studies and future career — Doktora Rossell diba?  Hehe.  Stay gorgeous and sweet.  Love you!

Ate Mika xx

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The Great Megamall Adventure :))

I love malls.  However, I only go to those located in Makati (Ayala Malls and Power Plant), Manila (Robinsons Place), and Pasay (MOA).  Other than those malls are considered out of my “territory” if I may say.  So when Kanebo Philippines invited me again to another event in Megamall, I was so looking forward to a so-called “adventure!”  Oo, isang malaking adventure na para sa’kin ang magpunta sa Megamall!  Hahaha!

SM Megamall

Image via Wikipedia

Of course, no adventure’s complete without sharing it with someone!  So I asked one of my best girlfriends, Val, to go share this “adventure” with me. 🙂

Thanks, Val! ♥


The first stop of the “adventure” was the BEAUTY part = the Kanebo event.  Having said that, I’d like to take this opportunity to say thanks (again) to my friend Noriko Hanajima of Summit Media and Yannie Valencia of Kanebo Philippines. 😀

Thanks, Kanebo Philippines!!!

Anyway, Kanebo Philippines held a mall animation featuring their Kate line — which is already my favorite makeup line!  SWEAR!!!

photo courtesy of Kanebo Philippines

Plus, Val and I were able to get free makeovers courtesy of Kanebo PhilippinesSuzzanne Tan and more freebies!!!

Use Kanebo’s Kate line to “raise the impact of your eyes, face, and lips.” 😉

Aside from the Kate line, one of my favorite Kanebo products is their Freshel White C Mineral BB Cream.  I first used it two days ago, and I instantly fell in love with it!

I use the one in Natural Beige (but there’s also the Medium Beige shade) and for those BB cream junkies, this is definitely a MUST-TRY product!!!  Today, I’m glad I was finally able to own one whole tube (after receiving a free sample from the previous Kanebo event I attended!  Heehee.)

Moving on…

The second part of the “adventure” was the FOOD AND DRINKS part = Bubble Tea and Happy Lemon.  Since I don’t get to go to Megamall that often, I wanted to try “something” that can be found there, but not in the malls I frequent.

Okay, there’s a Happy Lemon branch at Power Plant but still, this was just my second time to try it.  AND my first try wasn’t even “happy!”  For some time, I wasn’t a fan of Happy Lemon because I got disappointed when I first tried their Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese.  I thought it was too overrated and tasted just like any ordinary iced chocolate.  But today, that changed when I finally tried their Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese!!!

Bubble Tea x Happy Lemon

 Oh well, to each his own.  But yeah, consider me a fan already.  HA HA HA

And the third part of our “adventure” was seeing our (former) officemates and lovebirds KC (with her family) and Leo at Megamall!  Stay in love, you guyysss. ♥

Good luck…

…and may we ALL finally find our “careers.” =))

Looking forward to my next MALL adventure,
Mikaaa 😛

Your resident Kanebo girl! 😉