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The Medical Ci-TEA!

No, this post doesn’t have anything to do with The Medical City.  But with the milk tea craze we’re having right now wherein almost every word that ends with “ty” is replaced with its homophone “tea,” I say WHY NOT?! 😛

Anyway, this post is pretty much a “personal” one because my only goal’s to document TODAY and make it immortalized in this big, big, WORLD (wide web!  Haha!)

Today’s a one-of-a-kind day because it was one of those days wherein I had to go to work, do something in the morning, and once I was done with it, the rest of the day was ALL miiine!  I just had to go back to the office in the afternoon to log out, but whatever.  This happens once every three months.  Believe me.  Hahaha!

So today, I pretty much spent A LOT of time with my equally pretty girlfriends Val, Jaquie, and Jian. ♥♥♥

Having said that, lemme give you a rundown of MY day…

First, I ate breakfast at Banapple, Ayala Triangle Gardens with Val.

BLUE bloods!!! =))

At around 9am, some people were still just “starting” their days at work, but Val and I were finally done with what we had to do in the office. Hence, the first stop of our FREE day AND the most important meal of the day: BREAKFAST! 😉

Next, time for some girl bonding at Lunula Nail Salon & Day Spa, Paseo Center with Val and Jaquie.

Jaquie had the awesome-est shade of blue, while Val chose red. As for me, I went with the good ‘ol French!

LADIES, if you know California Nails & Day Spa, I suggest you also try Lunula Nail Salon & Day Spa for they actually have the same owner!  Aside from that, there’s no doubt that the girls and I truly enjoyed their services!  We’ll definitely be back. 😀

Last but not the least, it was time to have some Serenitea with Val and Jaquie (again), and then with Jian afterwards!!!

Serenitea, Greenbelt 3 is finally open!!!

First thing’s first.  YES, there’s finally a Serenitea branch at Greenbelt 3!!!  Unfortunately, they don’t serve snacks in this branch, so be prepared to go hungry.  (No chicken chops for you and me!  Boo!)  But still, Serenitea IS Serenitea.  So having their newest branch in the heart of the business district means yay for me, and yay for all milk tea addicts in Makati!!!  HA HA HA

And of course, JIAN!!!  My friend Jian and I haven’t seen each other in like a year and a half that’s why THIS DAY was a VERY SPECIAL one!  Of course we bonded over milk tea, chicken pops, onion rings, even chocolate-covered potato chips and all that junk! =))  Anyway, the reason why I don’t get to see Jian that often is because she’s very busy attending to her nursing duties — hence The Medical City.  Hehehe.  So there, you already know why that’s the title.

I’ve missed you so, J! 🙂

Or as Jian put it, The Medical Citea — in honor of one of the best drinks in the world!!!

The Lady 

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Me, My Friends, and Brunei


That was the question most people asked me and my two friends Carol and Marta when we suddenly decided to book a trip to Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam. 😉

The Lady in Brunei Darussalam 😉

Julia Roberts? =)) Nah, JALAN ROBERTS (or Roberts Road!)

Brunei is the seventh country I’ve been to and I’m glad I was finally able to cross it off my bucket list!  (Click here for a complete list of the countries I want to travel to.  Haha!)

Anyway, my trip to my seventh country was also a trip with a lot of “firsts”:

– obviously, it was my first time there (and I think last?  Chos!)

– it was my first abroad trip with my friends (I didn’t consider my Hong Kong trip with my other college friends back in 2007 because there was a “school” business involved)

– it was the first ever trip I paid for using my own hard-earned moolah (from airfare, hotel, and even pocket mahneeyyy!)  Just like what my friend Dyan said,

“The best things in life are supposedly free but there’s a sense of fulfillment and pride in saving up enough money to treat myself to a well-deserved vacation.”

Yes, ako na ang natututong tumayo sa sarili kong mga paa!  But still, I wouldn’t mind having “sponsors,” you know?  Hahaha!…  what else?

– Oh, it was also my first time to feel tired for NOT doing anything!!!  To know why, I’ll prefer it if you just ask me in person! =))

Honestly, I don’t even know how to start this blog entry…  Let’s just say that if SERENITY (and I’m sooo NOT talking about the milk tea place!) is what you’re after, then Brunei’s the place for you!  But if you’re into “busy” cities (just like most capitals), then Brunei’s a whole different story!  Gets?

Okay, good.  Having said that, I’ll just let my pictures do all the talking.  After all, the following places are pretty much the only tourist-y ones you can go to in Brunei.

Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque

Royal Regalia Building

Istana Nurul Iman (Royal Palace)

Jame Asr’ Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque

The Empire
Hotel & Country Club

Carol, Marta, and Mika at The Empire

No, I’m not saying that you should pass up the opportunity to go to “The Green Heart of Borneo.”  Experience din yun noh!  What I’m saying is Brunei isn’t your “usual” bakasyunan.  It can be a little boring at times, but c’mon mamon,  it’s also dubbed “A Kingdom of Unexpected Treasures” — in short, ‘wag talaga kayong mag-expect!  Wahahahaha! 😛

Kidding aside, enough about ME and BRUNEI for the title of this entry speaks for itself.  This trip wasn’t just about Me and Brunei, there were also My Friends!  And as cliche as this may sound, it’s true.  It doesn’t matter where you are…  what matters is the people you’re with!  Oha, meganon talaga Carol at Marta!!!  Looking forward to our next trip!  (At oo, may sequel na agad ang Brunei trip namin — SOON!  Hehehe.)

Now, going back to the first question…  Who goes to Brunei?  Err…  I don’t really have a definite answer to that.  After all, TO EACH HIS OWN.

But this I can leave you, my dear readers.  You’ve heard of the newest tourism campaign of the Philippines, right?  Well, THIS is proof of how true that slogan is! 😉

Call me biased or whatnot, I don’t care!  But yes!  It truly is…  no doubt…


college friends!!!

The Lady is now OUT!

😉 😉 😉

Mi Familia y Mi Amigos

SirKevinMartin Says…

What do you do when you have a friend who makes awesome videos, entertains those who watch THOSE videos, and finally gets the recognition he so truly deserves?

You blog about it.  Well, at least “I” do.  Hahaha!

So if you still haven’t watched the video “Shit Spoiled Filipino Teenagers Say” by my friend Kevin Martin Vitug (a.k.a. SirKevinMartin), I say go watch it NOW!  And if you have watched it already, I say go watch it AGAIN!!! 😀

For more awesome videos, check out Kev‘s YouTube channel here.

Wala lang.  I just really had to blog about Kev…  Fangirl na fangirl lang talaga tuloy ang peg ko!  Wahahahaha! =))

with Kev 🙂

So to Sir Kevin Martin, just so you know…

I’M SOOO PROUD OF YOU!!!  Ikaw na talaga!!!
Keep up the GREAT work and good luck sa future “career” —
Oomeganon talaga!  Heehee.  ILY!!! 😉

Yours  truly,
Lady Mikhaela Georgette