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A Time to $pend

Ecclesiastes 3 already said it, there’s A TIME FOR EVERYTHING.  To paraphrase it (and make it even more redundant):

to everything, there is a season. 🙂

And the Christmas Season?  I say THIS Season is a time to SPEND a lot of cha-ching, cha-ching and  some ba-bling, ba-bling!  Ain’t that right, Jessie J?  Hahaha!

Since last Thursday (December 15th — aha!), I’ve been spending a lot of time at malls.  I know, I’m such a slacker when it comes to buying Christmas gifts that I wait for my 13th month pay before I even start crossing out names from my “Christmas presents checklist.”  Ayun naaa!

Anyway, I’m glad to say that I’m ALMOST done with it.  See?  “Almost” being the operative word.  Tsk, tsk, tsk.  But still, progress IS progress, people!  You can’t complain about that — especially if you’re one of the people I’ll be giving those presents to!  HA HA HA 😉

But why am I rambling to the world again about my Christmas shopping spree?  Simple — because it hit me.  It hit me that I was able to spend THAT amount of money in just A FEW DAYS, which I tried earning for a few months — heck, even waited for A YEAR!!!  It hit me that the amount I spent in a few days can actually sustain several families for a month (maybe).  And thinking of that made me sad.  And it’s making me crazy.  RIGHT NOW.  RIGHT AT THIS VERY MOMENT I’M TYPING THIS!!! @_@

But wait.  It also hit me that I spent “blood, sweat, and tears” not just for MYSELF, but for other people as well.  Especially MY FAMILY.  And I guess that qualifies as something that made me happy.  Actually, “MAKES” me happy.  Present tense.  Bow.

Of course you can say that spending money isn’t really necessary when it comes to giving Christmas “gifts.”  True.  But you see, that would’ve applied to me before — waaay back when I was still a student…  waaay back when I was still unemployed…  and waaay back when the only “gifts” I ever gave my family were “I love you’s” and DIY stuff.  Heehee.  That’s why I made a promise to myself that once I start earning my own money, I’ll always give “something” to my family.  Of course there are still the “I love you’s.”  Hindi na tinatanong yun.  But you know, let’s not be hypocrites here.  Who doesn’t want receiving actual “material” gifts from time time, right?  Don’t get me wrong.  My family’s NOT pressuring me to give them “something material.”  NOT AT ALL.  It’s not them, it’s ME!  Hahaha!  But seriously, I hope you’re getting my point here.  It’s all about giving back.  Period.

So to my “Christmas presents fund”?  Is it a BIG AMOUNT?  Yes, at least for me.  But is it still a BIG DEAL?  Not so anymore.  I guess sometimes, you just really have to look on the BRIGHTER SIDE of things!  Besides, pera lang yun. Napapalitan, napapaghirapan (waaah!)  But putting a smile on someone’s face and making them feel that you actually took the time to think and exert some effort to give them the awesome-est Christmas present you could ever imagine?  That’s PRICELESS, man!  Heck, that’s even HAPPINESS!!! 😀

So remember, spending MONEY won’t make you happy…


…but spending TIME — especially FOR and WITH those you love — will.

So this Christmas, make it a point to not just spend money, (seriously, don’t overthink it), but also “spend” a lot of TIME, EFFORT, and most importantly, LOVE for everyone you meet — especially for those who are very dear to you (i.e. your family).

(Moral of the lesson: Thy 13th month pay is ONLY meant for buying gifts, presents, and whatnot.  So if you think that you can save some of it, well…  THINK AGAIN.  Mwahahahahaha!)

Happy Christmas everyone!!!

Hugs and kisses from your resident Lady,
Mikhaela Georgette xoxo

P.S: This video might just make you feel better (and give you “inspiration” along the way!)

Presenting…  Jessie J featuring B.o.B. 😛

…………*./ | \ .*
………, • ‘*♥* ‘ • ,
……. ‘*• ♫♫♫•*’
….. ‘ *, • ‘♫ ‘ • ,* ‘
….’ * • ♫*♥*♫• * ‘
… * , • Merry’ • , * ‘
.* ‘ •♫♫*♥*♫♫ • ‘ * ‘
…’ ‘ • Christmas . • ‘ ‘ ‘
‘ ‘ • ♫♫♫*♥*♫♫♫• * ‘ ‘

Gathered Thoughts, Marked on the Calendar, Mi Familia y Mi Amigos

Pretty, Pretty Please?

October is here!!!  At isa lang ang ibig sabihin nun: BIRTHDAY KO NA!!!  Yippeee!!!  Sorry for the excessive exclamation points pero pagbigyan niyo na’ko…  After all, pakapalan na ng mukha ‘to…  because what I’m going to talk about in this post is my BIRTHDAY WISH LIST!  Wahahahaha!  So if you’re really, really, really one of my TRUE FRIENDS, at the end of this post, you’ll already know what to do!  Kung tutuusin nga, pinadali ko na ang trabaho niyo…  ’cause all you have to do is choose one!  HA HA HA 😉

Kidding aside (oo, joke lang!  Sanay naman akong hindi nireregaluhan eh!  *sob*), it doesn’t hurt to compile a list of feel-good things that always make me think of “sugar, spice, and everything nice” whenever I see them!  Let’s start, shall we?


A pair (or two) of FitFlop Floretta

In WHITE or ROSY POSY, please!  Size: U.S. 9!  Thank yoouuu!  Mwah.

A replica of Princess Diana/Kate Middleton‘s Engagement Ring

Yes, in my CRAZY ATTEMPT to FEEL like The Duchess of Cambridge, I scoured the entire metro’s accessory stores and tiangges for a replica of the. said. ring. but to no avail! 😦  The only thing I can think of is buying it on the Internet, but then I just thought that it’d be more special if I received it rather than bought it!  Kapal talaga!  Pero buti nga hindi ako humihingi ng totoo eh…  hindi pa naman ako ganun kakapal!  Hahaha!

(Original) Cambridge Satchel Bag

If France boasts of their Longchamp (Le Pliage) bags…

…well LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, hindi pahuhuli ang beloved England ko!  So set eyes on the newest IT BAG of today: The Cambridge Satchel!  lovelovelove ♥♥♥

You could give me one in any color, and I’d gladly accept it with all my heart AND soul!  Hahaha!  But if we want to be specific, I really prefer the one in nude or hot pink.  To see more of this collection, click here. 😀

David Cook‘s This Loud Morning and/or Jessie J’s Who You Are

I’m a BIG FAN of David Cook (if you want proof, click here), and I’m quite fascinated with Jessie J (plus, it doesn’t hurt that she’s British!  Heehee.)  Don’t get me wrong, I can just easily buy these two once I enter any record store, but you know, I take Jessie J‘s “Price Tag” to heart: it’s not about the money and the price tag, but I’m all for the luuurve!  ‘Nuff said. 😛

Majolica Majorca

Anything, really.  And when I say anything, I really mean ANYTHING — anything from this makeup brand ah!  Haha!

But just so you know, I’m in love with their SUGARY TRAP collection! ♥

Taylor Swift‘s Debut Fragrance, Wonderstruck

Oh I don’t know…  I’m also a Taylor Swift fan (if you need another proof, click here).  But then again, she said that THIS is “the beginning of something magical.”  And I believe her.  The end. 😛

And there you go — if it’s of any help, I really mean this with SUGAR ON TOP (see title)! 😉  But if you really, really, really can’t be on schedule, well…  you see, exactly TWO MONTHS after my birthday is Christmas Day!  So pa’no ba ‘yan, HO HO HO nalang tayo!  Thanks, friendsss!  You’re the best!  Wahahahaha!

😛 😛 😛