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My Ramble to the Universe about Making My Dreams Come True :)

Someday, my dreams will come true.

I know it sounds a little corny, so okay. Someday, OUR dreams will come true. Better? 🙂

Of course I know that in order to do so, 99% definitely has to come from hard work. And as I’m preparing myself for that “battle,” I believe it also doesn’t hurt to somehow let the “universe” know what these dreams are — and that’s where I’m allotting the remaining 1%. After all, generations have claimed that The Secret was part of their successes. Ahem!

So here I am, claiming my life-long “dreams,” using the medium I know best: the written word.

But what exactly are my dreams? Well, there are A LOT! But for now, I’ll be focusing on these two because they’ve been the constant ones on my mind lately: financial independence and business.

Financial independence
Saving up is hard to do. Trust me, that has been a dilemma of mine even before I started working.

I’m a big spender. There, I said it! 😐

But don’t get me wrong. I’m not really the typical shopaholic who “loses” money by buying stuff at expensive stores. You’d be surprised to know that the NUMBER ONE thing that makes me “lose” money is FOOD! (Okay, maybe it’s not that surprising considering the number of pounds I’ve gained for the past several years! HA HA HA). Point is, I spend a lot of money on FOOD and DRINKS (check out the hashtag #MikaChiongEatsAndDrinks on Instagram! #shamelessplug) that it’s not good anymore. Finance- and health-wise.

I know that my love affair with FOOD is forever but lately, I’ve been trying to change some of my ways — beginning with my savings. Again, don’t get me wrong. I have savings. It’s just that I’ve set an amount as my “emergency fund” goal years ago and up to know, I still haven’t reached it on my own. When I say “on my own,” inheritance and whatnot NOT included. So yeah, I still have a long way to go when it comes to my finances.

BUT, I’m thankful that my eyes have been opened to the fact that there’s another way to be financially independent beyond my savings account in the bank: INVESTMENTS.

I’ve been hearing about life insurance, mutual funds, stocks, etc. since time immemorial and the more I learn about them, the more I’m convinced. After I reach my “emergency fund” goal, I won’t put my money in my savings account anymore. Instead, my hard-earned money will all go to investments — life insurance, mutual funds, stocks, property, even travel. In that order. So if you’re one of my friends reading this and I’ve been turning down some social invites lately, I apologize. Know that the aforementioned types of investments are my priority right now. 😉

I’m not YET an expert when it comes to explaining about these types of investments (like I said, I’m still learning!), but if you’re interested to start investing as well, I recommend you contact the following people:

Thz-z “Zay” Pandosen of Sun Life – 0917-3125395

Enzo Toledo of Philam Life –

As for me, I just hope and pray that all my investments go very well. Are you listening, Universe? 😛

Ah, probably “the most challenging” on my list of dreams. Sigh.

In relation to my dream of being financially independent through my investments is THIS another type of investment: business.

Why “the most challenging” for me?

Well for one, I’m no business graduate which kind of results to this: I’ve no idea how I can start one! (Okay, maybe I’ve an idea but it’s easier said than done. If you know what I mean.)

Also, unlike my other investments, I dream of businesses (yes, plural!) that go beyond profit. Aside from earning, I also want to focus on PASSION and PURPOSE. Meaning, it’s not just me and my money that are at stake. In fact, there’s no “me” anymore. That’s going to be replaced by WE. Pressure much!!!

Anyway, I just try to make myself believe that at least I have the yearning to do so. I’ve pretty much already thought of what my businesses would be (including their names, but I won’t disclose those for now). They are:

-a pastry shop (in honor of my late mother and of course, my love for desserts); and

-a nail spa (in honor of my kikay-ness! haha!)

I don’t want to dwell into details but now that this plan of mine is out in the open, yes, I’m looking for business partners! So if you’re also into my business ideas, drop me a line immediately! No kidding! 😀

As for the Universe, I don’t want to be an employee forever. By that, I don’t mean I have to resign from my day job. Instead, allow me to be a hybrid. Or in the world of “slashies,” something that gives me the right to put “Employee / Business Lady” on my Instagram profile! Mwahahahahaha!

P.S: Just because my “big” businesses are still ideas for now, doesn’t mean I’m not “open for business.” This is another #shamelessplug on my part but if you need help with the written word, know that I do freelance editing/proofreading/writing of articles, academic essays, and whatnot. E-mail me at for details and spread the word! Thaaanks!

And there you have it. Don ‘t hate. Rest assured that if you get to make your dreams come true, I’ll be happy for you too! 🙂

*all together now* Lez do t’is!

Another pursuer of dreams,

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That Kind of Love

Signs that Mika Chiong is in love: she keeps staring at that person’s name and number on her cell phone; she then starts writing a novella based on her current situation; she doesn’t mind whether or not he’s British (haha!), all that matters is he is who he is!  And worst, she starts rhyming.

“Not Necessarily Love”
by Mika Chiong

I never thought I’d meet a guy like you,
Someone so friendly and hated by few.
In fact, rephrase that;
You’re not hated ’cause you’re nearly perfect,
And your presence makes other people elated!

I’ve always liked you, like most girls do;
But it’s highly unlikely that I’ll ever be your boo.
Oh yes, we’re friends, if you can even consider that;
Things just get complicated when I start to get sad.

Sad in the sense that here I go again;
I don’t think I can survive another case of unrequited love.
I once fell in love, and all I felt was pain;
This has to stop for it’s starting to make me laugh!

My thoughts are kind of hazy but
When I think of the words “I love you,”
I start to act like crazy!
How can I be sure that I already “love” you,
When I haven’t even heard you say that “four-letter” word
Even to a few?

On the other hand, this ain’t just a crush;
And before I fall hard and feel like
Some sort of trash,
I want to say thanks for making me feel
This kind of “love” rush.

All this time I just
Needed a little inspiration;
Not necessarily love, but enough to
Make me write this whole presentation!

This is bad.  Really, really bad.  Not to mention, downright PATHETIC.  Yes, I’m calling myself pathetic.  Just this once.  But I’m pathetic, nonetheless.

Now you know I really got it bad!  Hahaha!

So when exactly did I realize that my “love” for him was finally being preceded by the preposition “in”?  That moment I saw THAT picture.

More importantly, to whom am I “in love” with?  Asa kayo!  Syempre hindi ko sasabihin noh!  FOR NOW. 😛

And last question, why am I blogging about it?  Well, it’s like what I said before.  Sometimes, I just can’t keep my thoughts to myself.  And blogging serves as my outlet when that happens.  It makes me more connected to and reflect more on my feelings, you know?  So here I am.

Here I am attempting to feel more connected to and reflect more on “the love” I’m feeling right now.  And there’s no better way to do that than talk about it.

But you know, I once talked about love.  Not that I’m an expert on it, but I did talk about it.  Once.

Just saying.

So what exactly did I say?  Well, I said that love indeed comes from all sorts of things and from different people from all walks of life.  It may be love in the form of friendship which is a feeling that puts me on high, and it can also be love for family which in my opinion, is one of the greatest gifts God ever trusted upon me.  Speaking of God, there’s also a form of love which I dedicate solely to Him.  If you love Him, then there’s no need to further explain.  You should already know how it feels because I know I DO.  And last, but definitely not the least, is love in the form of a relationship with the opposite sex (or the same sex for others).  For me, this is the most complicated form of L-O-V-E.

Don’t get me wrong, that’s just my opinion.  Why complicated?  Because if it’s love NOT returned, it’s like a venom ready to kill you slowly.  You may not feel the hurt from time to time but when it reaches your heart at some point, you’ll be dead right then and there!  There was a time when I felt like giving up already.  “Was” being the operative word.  What I did was to just try to look on the bright side.  If I fight the venom, then I’ll still be able to live my life and start a new one.  That’s when the other forms of love enter.  They’re like the anti-venom for all of my miseries.  If one didn’t work out the way I hoped it would, all I have to do is tilt my head back on the other side.

It’s also like playing tennis.  It’s either you hit the ball with a forehand or a backhand, either way, if your ball’s OUT, at least you know you have both of your hands to do it all over again and score a point.  But then again, for tennis players, LOVE MEANS NOTHING (at least during a rally).  I researched the term and I found out that it was derived from the French word l’oeuf, the egg, symbolizing nothing.

Then it made me wonder…  is love really nothing if it goes only one-way?  I once said it’s not.  It’s not nothing!  As Andy Roddick put it after losing a match to Roger Federer, “It was frustrating, it was miserable, it sucked.  But besides that, it was fine.”  And just like how my previous unrequited love felt, yeah it sucked, but in the end, it was all worth the pain!

Now, the question is: is the current one still worth the pain?  I’d like to think so.  Besides, aren’t there sayings that say (how redundant) “no pain, no gain” and “all’s fair in love and war”?  Ha!  Now it’s really confirmed that I got it “worse” since I’m already quoting random shizz.  Wahahahaha!

Oh well papel.  If all else fails, this experience can always make me “stronger.”  Why not?

And I’ll always have Snape to take inspiration from!  (If you didn’t get what I just said, you obviously didn’t read or watch the last installment of Harry Potter!  So READ and WATCH IT!!!)

The “saint” of all unrequited love-rs! =))

Ay nako, tama na nga ang rambling.

Sa totoo lang, ito lang naman yun eh.  Or in English, it all comes down to this:

“Without the fear of how it might end…  I guess I’m ready to love again.”

Tamaaa!  Unrequited or not, choosy or easy, I’m ready to love again.  So universe, bring it on!  Let the love begiiin.  Paaak!

With love, love, luuurve,
Mika 😛

Gathered Thoughts

My Direction Infection

So One Direction. 😀  Ever since I got “infected,” I’ve written two 1D-related posts on this blog (HERE and HERE).  If those weren’t enough, I even acquired my very own “fangirl stuff,” which includes 1D‘s debut album, their two official books — One Direction: Forever Young (Our Official X Factor Story) and Dare to Dream: Life as One Direction, their first concert DVD, a baller, a fan magazine, and still counting…

So when Ms. Dyan Zarzuela of Candy magazine asked me if I could share my 1D “fangirl story” with her, of course I didn’t think twice!  There’s no better way to proclaim to “the world” my 1D devotion than with the help of the Philippines’ #1 teen magazine, Candy, right???

“Candy Girl Mika Chiong on 1D” can be found inside Candy magazine’s July 2012 issue!

The feature was short, but definitely sweet. 🙂  As for the interview itself, I kind of got carried away!  Hahaha!  But if you get to read it, you’ll definitely UNDERSTAND how and why I got “infected” in the first place!  So I decided to share it with yoouuu! 😉

And now I’m warning you…  what you’re about to read from hereon was pretty much how I gushed about 1D! 😛

The video that made me become a 1D fan.
I’ve to be honest…  my Direction Infection wasn’t a “love at first sight” thing.  In fact, I kind of overlooked their “What Makes You Beautiful” music video the first time I saw it on TV.  But on MARCH 21, 2012 (yes, it’s pretty recent; and yes, I know the exact date!  Haha!), THIS video made me see 1D in a whole different light:

“ONE DIRECTION Teaches You to Speak British!” was THE video that made me a 1D fan! 😀

The top 3 things I love about 1D.
First, they’re BRITISH — which is kind of a giveaway already since I’m a self-proclaimed Anglophile!  Heehee.

Second, their STORIES.  All One Directioners know that 1D was formed thanks to The X Factor (UK), but when I read their latest book, Dare To Dream: Life As One Direction, it was as if I was able to have a deeper connection with the boys and realized that yes, they, too, were just ordinary humans like most of us who once upon a time had big dreams…  and were able to make them come true!

Last but definitely not the least, their MUSIC.  Of course!  1D‘s album is actually what I play ALL DAY on my iPod!  And I repeat, not just their hit singles, but the ENTIRE ALBUM — no kidding!  I love the fact that each song in their album is distinct from one another.  For example, “What Makes You Beautiful” sounds very current, typical for a boyband…  but when you reach the last track, “Stole My Heart,” I actually get some kind of an 80’s vibe or something!  I can’t really explain it…  all I know is that 1D‘s music isn’t something people should take for granted or worse, underestimate. 🙂

My fave 1D member.
HARR-EH!!!  Yes, Harry Styles is my favorite 1D member because I love his (husky) voice, I love his megawatt smile, I love his hair, I love his green eyes, I love that he loves cats, I love his personality (such a self-proclaimed cheeky chappy!), I love his “Isn’t She Lovely” audition on The X Factor, I love the fact that he’s close to his mum, I love that he doesn’t think age matters (hahaha!)

Oh let’s face it, I love EVERYTHING about him!!! ♥

Things that make a real 1D fangirl AND things that a real 1D fangirl would never do.
A real 1D fangirl is someone who…

…knows all 1D‘s songs by heart.
…has a Facebook wall/Twitter feed full of 1D news/stuff!
…gets her hands on every possible 1D merchandise — whether it’s from the U.K., Australia, America, or just any part of the world (guilty as charged!  Haha!)
…smiles at the thought of 1D.  As simple as that.
…supports not just her favorite member, but ALL the members!
…will name her future sons Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, and/or Zayn! =))

A real 1D fangirl would never…

…bash/trash-talk any of the boys’ girlfriends/love interests (no matter how much that sucks!) </3
…buy a pirated 1D album/CD/DVD.  It’s just plain wrong…  not to mention ILLEGAL.
…compare the boys to other artists.  Simply put, the boys are unique in their own ways.  1D IS 1D; they’re incomparable.  (Spoken like a true One Directioner!  Hahaha!)
…outgrow the boyband.  5, 10, or more years from now — even when they’re already classified as a “middle-aged men” band!  There’s just NO CURE for this Direction Infection!!! 😛

And actually, I once had a Facebook status talking about my decision to resign from my job:

“I contemplated…  and changed my mind.  Fight ’til the end!  Ika nga, use all possible ‘lifelines!’  You’ll be surprised that even One Direction played a big role in this decision-making…  That’s HOW MUCH they’re influencing my life right now!  But then again, only a REAL FAN GIRL will understand why.”

Believe it or not.  But yes, BELIEVE IT!

My friends actually found it “different” that I decided not to resign from my job because of 1D.  Obviously, the boys weren’t the only reason BUT they were one of the major factors.

First is very obvious.  How else would I be able to afford 1D fangirl-ing stuff and merchandise if I didn’t earn my own money?  At my age, I already pay for my own “wants” and asking money from others isn’t just an option.

Next, they inspire me.  To WORK HARD, that is.  We think that being a celebrity/superstar is all glitz and glamour.  True.  But it also takes a lot of hard work.  We all witnessed THAT (hard work) during the seventh season of The X Factor (UK).  We all STILL see that while the boys are busy traveling the world, satisfying each and every fan…  while enduring being away from their families and not having the same kind of privacy when they were still ordinary British boys.  Why do they do those?  Because that’s how DEDICATED they are.  Because that’s how they’re grateful for all the support they received, are receiving, and will receive from their fans!

But going back to my status, I’ve to say that the “fight” is over now.  I did use my so-called “lifelines,” but my decision to finally resign eventually became a “need” instead of a “want.”  I may be unemployed now, but I’m not rushing anyway.  It’s because when I land my next job, I don’t want it to be just another job — I want it to be where I can finally have a “career.”  Besides, I already have sufficient time to focus on my graduate studies now.  And guess what?  I still get to be my fangirl self and get my hands on 1D merchandise — thanks to my ever supportive family members!  Harharhar.

Like I said, only a REAL FANGIRL can get me!  Enough said. 😉

Ooh, while we’re at it,
why not grab a copy of Candy magazine’s latest issue?

Turn to page 70 for “A Fangirl’s Story” (photo courtesy of Candy magazine)

Available wherever magazines are sold for only Php100.